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FoxTor di Sasha Romanosky

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FoxTor: Anonymous Web Browsing using the encrypted TOR network...

Access Me di Security Compass

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Access vulnerabilities in an application can allow an attacker to access resources without being authenticated. Access-Me is a Firefox extension used to test for Access vulnerabilities.

RDF Viewer di Yu Fan

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RDF (Resource Description Framework) is a model for storing graphs of information. This is a tool for exploring the structure of a RDF...

OneClick Installer for Wordpress di prototypeangel

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OneClick is a companion extension for the OneClick plugin for wordpress. It allows you to install any wordpress theme or plugin from the context menu of firefox.

UrlParams di Erik Schmidt

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Shows you the GET and POST parameters of the current website in the sidebar...

Jiffy di Bill Scott

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Adds a new panel to Firebug for displaying timing measurements for JavaScript applications.

Firebug Net Panel History Overlay di Mihailo Lalevic

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Adds history functionality to firebug net panel.
Requires Firebug 1.2.0b4 or 1.2.0b6

For Firebug versions 1.1.* please use Net Panel Add-on Version 0.2.1

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