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IE Tab di PCMan, yuoo2k

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IE Tab - an extension from Taiwan, features: Embedding Internet Explorer in tabs of Mozilla/Firefox...

All-in-One Sidebar di Ingo Wennemaring

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AiOS lets you open various windows as sidebar panels, and quickly switch between them. So it put an end to the window chaos! In addition to bookmarks and history it opens dialogues such as downloads, add-ons and more in the sidebar.

AutoPager di Wind Li

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AutoPager automatically loads next pages when you reach the end of a page. It works on a ton of sites,Google,Yahoo..
It works well with most other add-ons adblock plus, WOT and most of the greasemonkey scripts.
You can also try AutoPagerLite.

Personal Menu (Personal Firefox Button) di Merci chao

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Bring back your personal and powerful Firefox Button!

Riavvia di justin Ƨullivan, finny08

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Adds "Restart" menu item to "File", and a toolbar button for easy restarting... Localized in all languages.

Locationbar² di Dao Gottwald

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More than a textbox.

Ubiquity di matyr

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An extension that allows for the use of dynamic commands in Firefox.

CyberSearch di CyberSearch

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Adds advanced search capabilities to the Firefox address bar. Supercharge the "Awesome Bar" with instant search results that appear as you type!

Tab Kit di John Mellor (Jomel)

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Tab grouping, vertical tab tree, multi-rows, and various tweaks for power users.

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