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FEBE di Chuck_Baker

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118.361 utenti

FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension) allows you to quickly and easily backup your Firefox extensions. In fact, it goes beyond just backing up -- It will actually rebuild your extensions individually into installable .xpi files.

SmoothWheel di Avi Halachmi

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40.711 utenti

Scrolls the page smoothly when scrolling the mouse wheel (or keyboard arrows if enabled).

Naviga più velocemente (FastestFox) di yongqli

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97.915 utenti

Naviga più rapidamente velocizzando le operazioni comuni. FastestFox ti aiuta cercando informazioni, sfogliando Wikipedia, visitando i tuoi siti preferiti, copia & incolla, e altro ancora.

Integrated Inbox for Gmail and Google Apps di MichaelAtUVa, LEVEL4, altri

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14.502 utenti

Tired of having multiple tabs open just to view your favorite Google services and other Apps like Feedly, Evernote, Twitter and more? Now you can see them right from your Gmail Inbox.

Install now or visit for more info.

SkipScreen -- download helper, now for sale... di Skipscreen

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101.085 utenti

Un addon per automatizzare la interazione con pagine come Rapidshare e Megaupload, le quali ti fanno aspettare e cliccare in molte pagine solo per arrivare al contenuto cercato.

Perché fare tutto questo lavoro, quando il suo browser può farlo?

Secure Login di Sebastian Tschan, Sarah Av.

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49.363 utenti

Secure Login is an extension for Firefox integrated password manager.

Simple Mail di telega, userok

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7.575 utenti

Mail client (POP3/IMAP/SMTP) for Firefox.

AddThis di AddThis

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56.304 utenti

AddThis for Firefox is the best add-on to make sharing and bookmarking simple. Have all your favorite web 2.0 social networking, bookmarking, blogging, and e-mail services at your fingertips. Share any page, anytime, with anyone.

New Tab King di Eddie Weber, Adam Green

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24.381 utenti

New Tab King is the premier extension for turning your new tab page into a beacon of productivity and efficiency.

Featuring a todo list, recently closed tabs, most visited pages and more!

Tons of visual customization option too!

Capture Fox di Capture Fox Developer

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569 utenti

You can capture your screen and record your voice to make screencasts (tutorials, e-lessons, etc.).

Download Statusbar di C.J.

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Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle 1.459 recensioni

361.832 utenti

View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar - without the download window getting in the way of your web browsing.

Thanks Tekzilla for your awesome review! Click here to see their video:

Tab Preview di Ted Mielczarek

Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle 94 recensioni

8.974 utenti

Preview tab contents on mouseover

OPIE (Ordered Preference Import/Export) di Chuck_Baker

Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle 50 recensioni

8.299 utenti

Import/Export your Firefox extension preferences

Interclue di Seth Wagoner

Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle 195 recensioni

7.218 utenti

Ever wanted to know what was behind the link before you clicked? Interclue tells you everything you need to know before you open yet another tab.
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