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Saved Password Editor di Daniel Dawson

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Aggiunge la possibilità di creare e modificare la registrazione degli accessi gestiti dal Password Manager.
Nota dell’autore della raccolta Managing usernames and password changes for email account logins, takes awhile to "convince" Thunderbird to "edit" password/username or login details. One has to delete a username/password combination and start from scratch to "train" Thunderbird to understand the updated username/password version. This is quite a time consuming and frustrating exercise, especially after failing for the 5th time. With the Saved Password Editor add-on, the process of managing username/password combinations is a breeze, just edit/delete already saved username/password. A handy add-on when you are frequently required to update your username/password list.

SmoothWheel di Avi Halachmi

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Scrolls the page smoothly when scrolling the mouse wheel (or keyboard arrows if enabled).
Nota dell’autore della raccolta Scrolling lengthy emails with the mouse wheel, can be jerky at times. The SmoothWheel add-on just smooths email displays, when using the mouse wheel to scroll emails. Just a nice to have add-on.

Master Password+ di V@no

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Various enhancements for build-in "master password" (MP)
-Locks master security device on demand or after specified time
-Prompts for MP on browser startup
-Suppresses all or duplicate MP prompts
-Locks up entire application or individual windows
Nota dell’autore della raccolta This essential when you want to prevent unauthorized access to Thunderbird. A necessity when you extent Thunderbird's functions to include project management, general administration and client record keeping. In case of the latter Thunderbird extended functions, it is quite necessary to secure content from preying eyes.

Restartless Restart di Erik Vold

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This 15KB restartless add-on will add a "File" -> "Restart" menu item and a ctrl/cmd + alt + r hotkey to restart Firefox or Seamonkey.
Nota dell’autore della raccolta Not an often used add-on and function. However, it is sometimes required to restart Thunderbird for changes made to take effect. Shutting down and starting Thunderbird is a time consuming exercise. The Restartless Restart add-on, merely automate the process by powering down and restart Thunderbird again with the necessary changes made and restore all displays to the state it was before powering down.

Notepad (QuickFox) di InBasic, Jeremy Jr Benthum

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Everyday note-taking solution.
Nota dell’autore della raccolta QuickFox Notes is an add-on which could be used for a variety of different note taking functions. However, in the AltanaESP Pty Ltd context, we specifically use QuickFox Notes to share general email productivity tips and tricks. QuickFox Notes are combined with the Dropbox cloud synchronizing function for sharing and updating of productivity tips and tricks.

Contact Tabs di speedball2001

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Contact Tabs enhances Thunderbird to give you quick access to all your contacts directly from Thunderbird's main window: Use the powerful search field to find your contacts and open them in a new tab for viewing and editing.

StartupMaster di htamas

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Asks for the master password at startup (fixes multiple password prompt)
Nota dell’autore della raccolta With today’s many online threads in existence, it is strongly advised that to start Thunderbird is protected with a start-up password. The login policy followed by AltanaESP Pty Ltd, required users to save all login username/password combinations within Thunderbird, which when used by unauthorised persons, will provide them full access to all your details and email accounts. However, with the StartupMaster add-on, a master password needs to be supplied, before Thunderbird will unlock and allow access to all stored usernames/password combination. The application may still be used without supplying the master password, BUT all access to saved usernames/password combinations will be deactivated.

Duplicate Contact Manager di Marian Steinbach, Copelnug

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Facilitates handling of duplicates in your address book(s). Allow to search and remove similar contacts.
Nota dell’autore della raccolta When frequently synchronizing address books and/or importing contact data, it is inevitable, that somewhere along the line, contacts get duplicated and/or not always updated as it should. If that happens, it could take hours to get rid of duplicated contact entries. The Duplicate Contact Manager add-on is essential to quickly and easily delete duplicate contact entries. An extremely useful feature of this add-on, is that it could be set to search for duplicate contact entries in either a specific address book or across a number of address books.

Nautipolis for Thunderbird di alfredkayser

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Nautipolis for Thunderbird: High-quality, solid theme based on icons from
Fully compatible with from 5.0 upto latest nightly build (currently 27.0a1). Full support for Lightning/calendar.
Nota dell’autore della raccolta Nautipolis for Thunderbird is the preferred theme for a better and more defined layout or display of email panes and toolbars.

Compact Menu 2 di Milly

Add a compact menu button to the navigation toolbar, and hide the menu bar.

AddressBookTab di pastisman

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Aggiunge un pulsante per aprire la rubrica di Thunderbird in una nuova scheda
Nota dell’autore della raccolta A nifty little add-on, especially when you have a number of different address books to deal with. In such cases, the AddressBookTab add-on allows you to open different address books in different tabs, which makes it much more convenient to update or maintain address book entries.

Extension Options Menu di Chris

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Adds extension options dialogs to the Tools or Titlebar menu and includes toolbar icon.
Nota dell’autore della raccolta It is frequently required to change, update, adapt or tweak certain Thunderbird extension settings. This can be a cumbersome task when you need to adjust extension setting through the Add-ons Manager. The Extension Options Menu add-on allows you to select and list the extensions that you most often need to adjust, providing you with quick and easy way to do this kind of extension maintenance tasks.

Menu Filter di Geoff Lankow

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Keep your menus in check by filtering out items you never use.
Nota dell’autore della raccolta The email right click menu contains plenty of menu items, of which only a view is used on a frequent basis. This extension allows one to filter the email right click context menu to display only those menu items that is either used frequently and/or most often. Which makes the email context menu much more efficient to use.

MagicSLR di Alexander Ihrig

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MagicSLR extends functions and buttons to get and send messages. Many users missed a combined "Get/Send" button in Thunderbird. MagicSLR provides this button and more.
Nota dell’autore della raccolta The MagicSLR add-on is a nice to have and very useful feature. Especially when you have to deal with a number of different email accounts. This add-on place a customisable send/receive button on the toolbar for easier sending and receiving of emails from different accounts.

Empty Deleted Folder Button Thunderbird di Mark S Baines

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Adds an Empty Deleted button to the Toolbar

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