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Google.com (专为中国用户设计) di CzBiX

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使用 Google.com 进行搜索,支持搜索建议.

Mozilla Labs: Rainbow di Mozilla Labs

Record audio and video in the browser!

Always Ask di zpao

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Adds an additional quit dialog that will appear when Firefox would not normally prompt (for example, when you have session restore on). This is meant to capture the accidental ⌘Q keystroke.

Bloglovin' di Bloglovin

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Follow all your favorite blogs

BlogHer di BlogHer.com, Briks Software

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Integrate your BlogHer life with your browser.

GoogleTrans di Ivoglent Nguyen

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(Shortcut Google) Translate from English into Vietnamese (Default) :: Ivoglent N.

Ask.fm Plug-in di Ask.fm

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Bedava ask.fm takipçi ve sorularınızı beğendirin.

Gathera - AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, LinkedIn,Myspace, Twitter, Yahoo!, Youtube di Gathera

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All your email and social accounts in one place. Check accounts at AOL, Digg, Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yahoo! and YouTube. Add multiple accounts and receive real time updates and interact with your friends as you browse the web.

Ask Your Dictionary di kevin.erhardt

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Use your Apple Dictionary application of MacOS X with your Firefox. It's easy just select text and ask your dictionary over the firefox context menu (right mouse click).

Ask Tvinx di Antonio Magdic

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Find out more about topic.

BlogRovR di Jean Sini, marc meyer

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You don't have time to read all those blogs! Let BlogRovR do it for you.

BlogRovR fetches, as you browse, posts from your favorite blogs about the page you're looking at, and shows you post summaries you can open and read right there, without leavin...

Ask Power Tools di Phil Misiowiec

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Extends Firefox with Ask.com features...

Ask Alice di tavisky

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