di Ken Saunders

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about:addons Launcher di Ken Saunders

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1.621 utenti

Simple lightweight add-on that provides one click access to the Add-ons Manager via a toolbar button.

ViewAbout di Gary Kwong

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3.572 utenti

Enables access to various about: dialogs from the View menu.

AboutPlug di JasnaPaka

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730 utenti

This simple extension adds menuitem "About Plug-ins" to menu Help. When you select this item, page about:plugins is showed.

About Startup di Mike Hommey

Scarica ora


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1.046 utenti

Displays startup timings

about:me di Margaret Leibovic

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2.441 utenti

The about:me page provides a fun way to see personalized patterns and trends in browsing history.

Tahoe Data Manager di KaiRo

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486 utenti

Central access point to Cookies, Content Preferences, Permissions, Form Data

AboutConfig di Michael J Gruber

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1.220 utenti

about:config for...

about:accessibilityenabled di L. David Baron

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106 utenti

An about page, about:accessibilityenabled, to show whether accessibility API support is...

About Menu di slearl, Scriptdaemon

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85 utenti

Easily access the various About menus in Firefox.

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