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  • Works really well. Thanks.
  • As noted below, the HD mp4 no longer offers a seperate higher bitrate audio file as was previously the case. The download button is also absent, just the panel option.
  • Can't download video and audio hd resolution. ffmpeg installed, but can only download video on hd without sound; no more high resolution audio (160 kbps opus is the max. it offers). What's the matter?
  • muy buena app
  • Kindly add downloading in WEBM format also for every song
  • deleting this add-on, why does a video downloader need so many permissions?
  • excellent superb add on. How to use this add on in smartphones. Kindly help me
  • Works pretty well. Used to also detect higher MP4 resolutions, but no longer. Sometimes 1440 is detected. But, 2160, and 1920 are no longer detected. They do show up as WEBM.
  • Nice
  • Compatible with the latest YouTube mechanism. used this to download HD videos with sounds! 5/5.
  • This is what I need. Works well without any problem.
  • sytopped working again where are the audio files ?
  • Ive used this before its fantastic
  • Nice down loader for you tube videos
  • simple and fast
  • very helpful and easy to understanding.
  • The extension is terribly slow downloading the audio from videos. I did several tests and was always like that.
  • This is great it allows me to download movies I love it.
  • Does what it says ;-)

    But in settings/saving options

    I can't manage to set a path for « save merged files in »

    As soon as I write something there, got an error message « can't open folder ».

    Letting it empty, merged files end up in « download » folder.

    ( Ubuntu 16-04 / 18.04 )
  • Simple to use and multiple versions. Nothing better than this.
  • Fonctionne à merveille, une fois les extensions et FFMpeg installés. De loin le meilleur !
  • Works just awesome!!! FF62 x64. Thanks...
  • 9-13-2018..CST 8pm....just like AWESOME FIREFOX V62.0 (64 BIT),,,,...this add-on is BEYOND FUBULOUS, WIN WIN!..A-Z, HEAD TO TOE, BUMPER TO BUMPER!!...and i get nothing zero$...to speak the truth, nada savy savy...best of good luck!...it doesnt get any better...get onboard..
  • this extension was handed off to a different developer, who just registered today. this is shady, it was probably sold to a different developer for nefarious purposes.
  • Hands down a great extension! The recent signature problem has already been fixed in version 0.7.5, so update if you haven't already. I hope yD will have a long & active life!