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  • On line photounipulation
  • This works in most contexts, but not when the protocol is something other than http/https. For example, clicking a link from an internal page (chrome://...) causes the embedded video to be prefixed with the source protocol, which is not the protocol used by the video.

    For reference, I'm trying to use this on links in my RSS feed, Brief. Brief may redirect from the internal protocol to the correct one, but this if that's the case, this extension is intercepting the link before this redirection occurs.
  • Definitely one of the best YouTube Add-ons for Firefox. I can watch all my YouTube videos without leaving my inbox. Only wish there was a way to logon to YouTube so that all videos watched will be marked as so and saved in the History.
  • I want this so bad but, don't laugh at me, I have no idea how to use it! Is it just for links?! What if i want to search for a normal YouTube video? I can still use it? But how??? There is no button or add-on on my YouTube to press. I even tried right clicking all the stuff, from the video link in my search tab from the video itself and I don't have any option, anywhere. I know, I'm stupid, but please, can somebody tell me how to use it?
  • If you highlight the name of the movie and date of release the right click search youtube option next to the Anywhere Player logo the results have been 100% accurate after over ten attempts and hasn't failed to bring the movie trailer up just waiting to be played in HD. The best movie trailer search option I could of imaged so far, Amazing work there creator!
  • The add-on works exactly as advertised but is still short of being precisely what I desire. Some things that I believe would make this add-on incredible:

    • Close button for the video.
    • Collapse button that hides the video (continuing to play audio) and leaves floating buttons behind.
    • Four diagonally pointing arrow buttons that move the video to different corners of the screen, or alternatively, a corner selection in the options.
    • A pin button that pins the video in place and displays when tabs are switched.
    • Option to fade away buttons when video is displayed and not mouse hovering.
    • Remove animation when Start Minimize option is enabled.
    • Option to have "Open using YouTubeAnywhere Player" added to the context menu instead of opening videos using it automatically.
    • Ability to use with playlists. When clicking playlists in the left pane on YouTube under "Library," the add-on attempts to open the link as a video and displays "This video does not exist." If the playlist is opened in a new tab and the Play All button is used, the first video will play and when it finishes, it does not proceed to the next video. To also give full functionality for playlists, Previous and Next video buttons would need to be available in addition to Repeat Playlist and Shuffle.
  • There are issues to fix with this, but really - nothing else offers this functionality on Windows. Not cash-grab WinStore apps, bash scripts, hacks, cracks - literally nothing.

    The 'functionality' being this - video in a desktop window filling as much window real-estate as possible.

    No comments. No awkwardly cropped videos because the window is too small. Window size = video size (or as close as it gets).

    On a single monitor, you can dedicate a given portion of the screen to a small Firefox window, filled to the brim with distilled YouTube content, and use the remaining screen area to work on spreadsheets or whatever.

    This is as much windowed video as you can get, having to put up only with Firefox title and scroll bars. Check this - you can key-in the precise dimensions of the video you want! Why is this not a feature of EVERY player???
  • I like how this works. It's quite a nice experience. I can continue with the page I'm on, while having the video play in the top right.

    There are a couple tiny little things that would make it better (and get that fifth star):

    An option to include a close (X) button. Maybe on the top left.

    An option to disable the animation when starting minimized. It's a bit distracting.

    Also, a suggestion: add an option to get a lighter/brighter version of the backlight color instead of a random one. Oh, and maybe an option to choose how far out it goes.
  • Works fine for its purpose, though it would be better if you could explain what the options in the addon settings mean (e.g. Player options? Accessibility? Player layout? Content options?)
    Plus, I would like to move the player around. Currently it just sticks in the right corner and I can't move it around since sometimes it blocks the view.
    Finally I find the ability to close the player a bit troublesome to execute.
  • Is it supposed to automatically display currently played video on any other page I'm on? Because it isn't right now, I'm playing a YouTube video and it's not showing on other tabs. Am I using it wrong?

    Thanks for your help.
    > Is it supposed to automatically display currently played video on any other page I'm on?

    No, sorry. It'll allow playing a video in cinema mode over the website you're currently on.

    In the addon description there are three Youtube links, click any of them and it will open in cinema mode straight on this webpage. That's how it's supposed to work :)
  • Hi really appreciated your effort to make great tool , but its really difficult for us to understand how to enable into browser to take advantage for this..

    please could you make more elaborate so that we can use your awesome tool.
  • Missing features
    Close button
    One way to go to see the video in youtube instead of opening the anywhere player, workaround is to click the title link or dragging and dropping or middle click the link to go to youtube instead.

    I recommend users to combine this with Youtube Embed2Link add-on to make embed videos become links and work with this addon

    Also recommend Play/Pause add-on adds a play/pause button next to the favicon in the tab, now you can play/pause the video without changing tabs.
  • And i don't know what to do.....:(

    I have last official Firefox version and windows 7 x64
    Hello, it works fine for me, for example here: http://www.reddit.com/r/videos/

    What Firefox version and OS are you using?
  • ...see the comments section. When minimized, you go back to the list of videos page. I guess most of the users would like to watch the video while reading the comments.
    ...close the current pop-out window. It keeps playing and all you can do is pause the video. It should have a "X" button.
    ...drag the mini window to anywhere in the screen.

    Please forgive me if I'm asking a lot. Anyways, this extension is very useful. THANKS! :D
  • I play video and scroll page. When I stop playing, the page scrolls back to the position of its link. This is so decomplex!
  • without tab switching i don´t know if its any use for me
  • It works well, however, it wasn't what I expected. I suggest adding an option where the player can move through tabs, so you can check other websites while watching a video.
  • Amazing idea :) Would be great if we could make it persist between tabs like a popped up player ^^
  • in firefox nightly v36.0 can't exit from "youtube anywhere player"
  • Really look like wonderful Cinema, Thanks Diego !
  • Can you make the video play in the small window it gives you (like when you search for a song and one of those big video links pop up) instead of full screen, well 3/4 full screen at least.
  • This tool works like a miracle for me. I thank you for your work!
  • Works just like it says!
  • A-ha! Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much, you just made my day easier.
  • Это просто потрясающее приложение. Почему на самом сайте youtube не реализовали подобное? Пять баллов.