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Brett Zamir

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Perché XQuery USE ME (XqUSEme) è stato realizzato?

I wanted to allow users (including myself) to be able to take advantage of the semantic richness available in XML languages like TEI ( ), as well as be able to do convenient processing on X/HTML.

My specific attraction to TEI was that the Scriptures for my religion, the Baha'i Faith ( ) were being encoded in this format.

I really feel XQuery is a vastly under-appreciated tool, particularly among web developers, akin in some ways to regular expressions, but specifically for XML. It has also been aptly compared to SQL for XML, though I personally find it more expressive and intuitive.

Quali sono le prospettive per XQuery USE ME (XqUSEme)

At this point, I don't expect to change anything really in this particular extension, outside of adding syntax highlighting support if the opportunity presents itself and possibly adding support for subsequent Saxon-B releases.

However, I may incorporate this tool at some point in another extension I am working on, in order to be able to download a package of files at once and have them reassembled (e.g., XML, XSL stylesheets, CSS, etc. or also relational databases), such that they can be viewed offline, as well as have views of such content be targetable by links from any website (e.g., to query or highlight specific paragraphs, display such content alongside other content).

I might also provide users with some predefined, context-sensitive options for a given document (as XQuery allows), such as being able to search for content within specific tags.

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Informazioni sullo sviluppatore
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