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Versione 0.6.430beta 364.9 kB Compatibile con Firefox 26.0 e seguenti

* fix the bug \s meta character matches to newline
* fix the bug that matched parenthesis does not blink
* port some maps from surround.vim
* introduce datetime option and use strftime when reading from the D register
* fix the bug control codes in the line input history collapses
* make the set command accept a backslash as escape character
* fix the bug a letter with dead key can not input on Chrome
* fix the bug control code shortcut is rejected as LHS of map
* introduce cursorblink option
* fix the bug multiple set command assignment fails

Versione 0.6.331.1-signed 347.7 kB Compatibile con Firefox 26.0 e seguenti

* enable backspace key in ^V literal input
* ported vim's calculation register (=)
* implemented url blacklist
* implemented syncsize option
* ported vim's gu/gU operators
* miscellaneous stability fixes