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  • Very good addon, but personally I do not need VirusTotal toolbar.Still should be improved, long wait for until converted VirusTotal website
  • Reasonable and necessary extension.Thank you.
  • Si tenés un equipo que lo usas solo para navegar, con este complemente ni siquiera es necesario tener un antivirus instalado, debería estar en la protada de los complements de seguridad.
  • I've come to find that right clicking on a link and scanning it no longer works. For awhile there I found myself having to refresh the page about 1 min. later to get the results, as it wouldn't show them initially. But now when I try to do it it simply takes me to the Virus Total website/main page, where you can upload files to be scanned. And doesn't scan the link whatsoever.

    And since this was the only reason I had for this addon in the first place I've now uninstalled it.

    I don't see anyone else mentioning it though, so I wonder if it's just something with my particular setup. So I'd like to hear others check to see if it works for them too and report their findings. Or... if it is indeed a widespread problem please fix it, and I'll install it again, because I really liked that feature. And I'll change my rating to 5 and apologize.
  • I agree w/ previous reviewers - concept is good, but toolbar takes up too much space in FF. But testing the toolbar provided the info for me to write my own bookmarklet to grab the url that's currently in your url bar and feed it to VirusTotal. You can try yourself if you like javascript:(function(){VirusTotal=window.open('https://www.virustotal.com/en/url/submission/?force=1&url='+document.URL,'_blank','');if(window.focus){virusTotal.focus()};})()
  • i have 3 problems with vtzilla.
    1. why do you need an entire tool bar taking up valuable screen space? (and why does mozilla allow it??) it should be treated as all other add-ons-- where they go and icons vs. text to take up less space.
    2. i recently found out vtzilla is now owned by google, so now they have yet another way to track and sell my browsing habits.
    3. webutation(.org) consistently scans as containing malicious files and yet they are part of the 'trusted' vtzilla machine, passing judgement on other sites.
    i sent the developers an email at least 4 months ago about this concern. never heard back, and webutation is still there and still not scanning as clean.

    btw, webutation owns all of the following, or at least they share the same IP address: (i've added brackets so i'm not posting potential malware links.)


    when i tried to connect securely to webutations(.org), i got the "This Connection is Untrusted", "get me out of here" message from firefox along with technical details:
    "www.webutations(.org) uses an invalid security certificate" .

    so yeah, i'm having trust issues, and felt i had to finally register here and post because my concern has fallen on developers' deaf ears.
  • It's a good extension that really makes your browsing safer. The only thing I don't like: I can't customize the VirusTotal Toolbar (move its buttons to the other toolbars). Please improve the toolbar customization options, and then it'll be great!
  • This one really handy!! it's works as it supposed to do, to be honest at first I'm a bit skeptical tough, this is a must have addon
  • Спасибо!
  • Really, everybody needs this extension. Makes it very convenient, very easy to do virus-scanning of downloads, a major source of vulnerability. Will probably save you the need to scan them with your own anti-virus, since it's likely on VirusTotal's roster.
  • Very useful for pre-screening downloads. Initially it just gives you information based on the site. But if you're sending the actual download file URL, you can then click "Downloaded File Analysis" in the result to get an actual multi-engine antivirus scan of the file itself before you download it yourself!

    Aside from the obvious benefits of not having to download and then upload a file to VirusTotal, this also avoids the possibility that you might inadvertently upload a private file to VirusTotal. For example a file with your personal information that you were able to download from a site while logged into your account. By sending such a file to virustotal, you are in effect releasing it to a couple of dozen antimalware companies, which you might want to do. If using this extension, VirusTotal will only be able to access public URLs so you don't have that risk.

    Sometimes it doesn't work if the "download" URL merely redirects to the actual file URL, or if it uses parameters and/or no explicit file extension. It would be nice if it could be smarter about those.

    I hide the annoying toolbar. Unfortunately you can't drag its buttons or fields onto another toolbar, but I get the same functionality with two bookmarklets.

    It would be nice if we could right-click on an existing download in the download manager and send its original URL directly to VirusTotal. In the meantime we can right-click on the download and Copy Download Link and paste it into the vtzilla toolbar field or an equivalent bookmarklet prompt field.

    Also it would be nice if we could automatically send every download URL to virustotal while downloading it, if we don't choose to explicitly send it to virustotal before downloading. Better for virustotal to check it while or just after downloading than not at all.

    How about checking the current page URL automatically in the background?

    Maybe checking a link URL automatically while hovering over it for a bit? Or at least automatically checking every distinct *site* linked to on the current page (check with a site-level URL).
  • Blessed addon!
  • Right-click link, nice. Download check, great. Toolkit-toolbar... would be nicer if movable: takes that worthy vertical space for 300px or so of horizontal occupation. I'd love to move that toolkit on another toolbar, say e.g. next to urlbar, or on bookmarks bar. The philosophy of Firefox is flexibility, VTzilla please do participate also to that aim :)
  • Malware sites can be loaded in the background and without user intervention after which JS/Shellcode can be downloaded to the browser cache and executed if the system isn't fully patched. Therefore, users shouldn't develop a degree of complacency just because VTZilla give a particular site a clean bill of health.

    It's still a useful add-on to have though.
  • The version for chrome does not get embedded in a download software. For Firefox, I am able to see a choice to scan whatever software I want to download without right clicking. I want to see the same function for chrome browser.

    Hello, we would love to include that functionality, but Google Chrome does not currently offer an API do tweak its download dialog :(
  • This is the official VTzilla made by Emiliano Martínez Contreras (Virus Total) I have this extension myself and highly recommend it to anyone like Web of Trust it adds additional security the way it works is by uploading the webpage information to the Virus Total website you simply right click over something and click scan with Virus Total or go to the upper left hand of corner your Firefox and click scan current page there Virus Total will scan the URL and let you know if there's any history of malware on the website that its scanning and usually a file analysis as well for the webpage your uploading Vtzilla is very useful if you like to download different types of files lets say an audio file for example just right and scan the file you want to download and get a fully detailed report on it or lets say you want to download an image OK hears what suggest first right click view image and then click scan current page toward the upper left corner of the screen to get the full detailed report on it
    when Virus Total scans a file it uses up to 44 different antivirus/antimalware venders if more than three say the same thing then you know its probably correct.
    Install this extension you'll be glad you did.