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  • My BEST security friend when downloading.
  • So far, all it has done is waste paper. With everything I print, an extra page prints with only "VTZilla 0% x" on it. There are no print setting in the extension. I can't find any mention of it on the internet and the Virustotal website contact page won't submit my issue. I did find that I could submit it in Chrome, which isn't good for a Firefox (56) extension. I'm waiting to hear from them but for now, it's costing me money so I have to disable it.
  • Long time waited, an official VirusTotal add-on. Thank you guys.
  • Initial review (v2.0.1):
    This is a very handy extension, especially for users that prefer (and can afford to) take proactive security measures where possible.

    To the developer(s): Consider changing the default settings in this new version so that they are more in line with what is stated in the privacy policy. Querying VirusTotal on every download should be opt-in, not opt-out.

    Update (v2.1.1):
    I see that you folks decided to change the privacy policy instead, so I guess my review was productive in a way. I can still recommend VirusTotal as a service for scanning files found in the net (because it can be very useful sometimes), but I will no longer recommend this extension.
  • Great to see this finally updated. I like the new features, but the pause download when sending to VirusTotal doesn't work. On every attempt I tried the download would cancel, and not resume. That's the only gripe I have right now, so I turned that option off until an update fixes it hopefully.
  • Делает именно то, что нужно!
  • Nice site and service, but incompatible with Firefox Nightly: 60.0a1 (2018-01-22) (64-bit)
    Please make compatible.
  • Not compatible with the newest version of Firefox
  • I really like this addon but is going to work in FF57?
  • but died in Firefox 55
  • ...
  • 5 Stars
  • great
  • Una extensión muy recomendable para la gente que no se fia de lo que se descarga o navega.

    - Hay un error, que al descargarte un archivo y dar en analizar con VirusTotal sale esto:

    {"result": 0, "verbose_msg": "Invalid URL"}

    Todo lo demas esta perfecto, si arreglan el error que es lo esencial de la extension, les pondre 5 estrellas.
  • Very good addon, but personally I do not need VirusTotal toolbar.Still should be improved, long wait for until converted VirusTotal website