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  • Every function doesn't work (exept the scan of downloaded files), the result is always an "Error 404" page.
    (I refer to "Scan selected link" and "Scan current page" functions)
  • Would you all add an option to the right click menu to be able to search a string on VirusTotal? I copy a lot of domains to my clipboard and then search them on VT. It would be slick to be able to just send the domain name to VT
  • "Error sending file error" for ages now, this is just bad advertisment imo (running the latest FF Quantum 67+).
  • With Firefox 66 extension VTzilla banner now float on every page, in top right corner, can't get rid of it. Disable until you update it, thanks https://i.imgur.com/CmBzObF.jpg
  • Owned by Google, no thanks.
  • Immer wieder "Error sending file error". Damit total unbrauchbar!
  • Re: the first screenshot at

    VTZilla defaults should be more privacy-sensitive.

    I did not realise that simply saving a file would result in analysis.

    For example (luckily, not a file that should have been private):