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  • With Firefox 66 extension VTzilla banner now float on every page, in top right corner, can't get rid of it. Disable until you update it, thanks https://i.imgur.com/CmBzObF.jpg
  • Owned by Google, no thanks.
  • Immer wieder "Error sending file error". Damit total unbrauchbar!
  • Re: the first screenshot at

    VTZilla defaults should be more privacy-sensitive.

    I did not realise that simply saving a file would result in analysis.

    For example (luckily, not a file that should have been private):
  • Bonjour,

    Cette extension devrait être obligatoire.

    Toutefois, actuellement (Firefox 61.0 et VTZilla 2.1.1), un bug fait que lorsque l'on utilise l'impression ou l’aperçu avant impression d'une page Web, du code est ajouté par erreur en bas de page :
    Les <> ont été remplacés par des [ ]


    This extension should be mandatory.

    However, currently (Firefox 61.0 and VTZilla 2.1.1), a bug makes that when using the print or print preview of a web page, code is added by mistake at the bottom of the page:
    The <> have been replaced by []

    [ div id="vtoverlay" class="vtoverlay vthidden w3-animate-right w3-container" ]
    [ div class="vtmain" ]
    [ div class="vtcontactus" ]
    [ a href="https://www.virustotal.com" ]
    [ img class="vtlogo-small" src="moz-extension://da55a719-38a2-4ff3-b113-54d76694b1d6/icons/vt-32.png" width="20px" ]
    [ /a ]
    [ a href="https://www.virustotal.com" ]
    [ /a ]
    [ /div ]
    [ div class="vttext" id="statustext" ]
    [ div class="vtscanstatus" id="vtscanstatus" ]

    [ /div ]
    [ div class="vtprogress" id="vtprogress" ]0%[ /div ]
    [ br ]
    [ div class="vtscanstatus" id="vtscanlinks" ]

    [ /div ]
    [ span id="vtclose" ][ strong ]X[ /strong ][ /span ]
    [ /div ]
    [ /div ]
    [ /div ]

    Ceci provoque l'impression de 3 lignes :
    1/ logo VTZilla, et le mot VTZilla,
    2/ 0%
    3/ X

    Merci de corriger rapidement cela.
    Thank you for quickly correcting this.

  • My BEST security friend when downloading.
  • So far, all it has done is waste paper. With everything I print, an extra page prints with only "VTZilla 0% x" on it. There are no print setting in the extension. I can't find any mention of it on the internet and the Virustotal website contact page won't submit my issue. I did find that I could submit it in Chrome, which isn't good for a Firefox (56) extension. I'm waiting to hear from them but for now, it's costing me money so I have to disable it.