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Queste versioni sono visualizzate solo per scopo di test e archivio. Dovresti sempre utilizzare l’ultima versione di un componente aggiuntivo.

Versione 78.8 kB Compatibile con Firefox 29.0 e seguenti

  • Fixed: The hints generation no longer crashes on some pages (regression since
    version 0.5.15).

Versione 78.8 kB Compatibile con Firefox 29.0 e seguenti

  • Improved: This version is now forwards-compatible with the upcoming version
    0.6.0. Downgrading from 0.6.0 to 0.5.14 or older might cause VimFx to crash,
    but downgrading from 0.6.0 to 0.5.15 is safe.
  • Fixed: Non-hintchars key presses in hints mode are now suppressed. They used
    to be passed along to the browser, which could confusingly activate site
  • Fixed: The 'f' command now always opens links in the same tab. Links used to
    be able to force a new tab or window.
  • Fixed: Pressing 'Esc' in the location bar now restores the URL, as is the
    default behaviour of Firefox. You may now also close Firefox dialogs using
  • Fixed: The toolbar button no longer throws errors.
  • Improved: Updated the de locale. Thanks to Alexander Haeussler!
  • Improved: Updated the pl locale. Thanks to morethanoneanimal!

Versione 78.9 kB Compatibile con Firefox 29.0 e seguenti

  • Fixed: Locales should now work properly.
  • Improved: Updated the zh-CN locale (@mozillazg).
  • Improved: Updated the de locale (@Kambfhase).
  • Added: Japanese locale (@pluser).
  • Fixed: If you switched to another tab or window while an <input> element
    was focused and then switched back, the <input> element got blurred, while
    it should have stayed focused. This caused the auto-type feature of KeePassX
    to break.

Versione 76.7 kB Compatibile con Firefox 29.0 e seguenti

  • Fixed: The vote button on StackExchange sites are now markable again.
  • Improved: Detection of previous/next links. Should work better on gmail now.
  • Fixed: It is now possible to use Enter/Return in keyboard shortcuts.
  • Improved: The n/N commands (etc.) now work even if you didn’t open the finbar
    using the VimFx command (such as the default key binding ctrl+f, or by
    clicking a menu item).
  • Improved: It is now possible to blur text inputs without sending Esc to the
    page, which could cause dialogs etc. to annoyingly close.
  • Improved: Updated the el-GR locale (@sirodoht).
  • Fixed: Autofocus prevention sometimes made text inputs impossible to focus
    until you reloaded the page.
  • Improved: Autofocus prevention now works on more sites than before.
  • Improved: Autofocus prevention now prevents all automatic focusing (not
    just when the page loads). This makes much easier to use.
  • Added: When viewing images directly and the image has been resized to fit the
    screen the image is now markable, allowing you to toggle zoom on it using the
  • Fixed: It is no longer possible to add conflicting shortcuts (such as adding
    'a' when 'af' and 'as' are already present).

Versione 76.6 kB Compatibile con Firefox 29.0 e seguenti

  • Fixed: The focus search bar command was broken.
  • Fixed: Autofocus prevention was broken.
  • Fixed: The top bar on YouTube could not be accessed by VimFx.
  • Fixed: You can no longer add blank hotkeys.
  • Improved: Tab Groups are supported.
  • Improved: Matching of previous/next links should be more reliable.
  • Improved: A few minor things.

Versione 76.5 kB Compatibile con Firefox 25.0 e seguenti

Bug fix for the default preferences

Versione 76.5 kB Compatibile con Firefox 28.0 e seguenti

AMO preliminary review bug fix

Versione 73.9 kB Compatibile con Firefox 25.0 e seguenti

This release is a hotfix release (0.5.7)

0.5.6 Release notes:
- Updated some translations
- Updated pagination patterns and logic
- Added autofocus prevention feature that can be enabled in preferences

Versione 70.9 kB Compatibile con Firefox 25.0 e seguenti

  • Fix for popup passthrough mode stucking
  • Make toolbar button click depend on current mode
  • Higher weight markers should not be overlapped
  • Refactor find mode to use Firefox native search bar
  • Bump minimum required Firefox version to 25
  • Added commands to go in the URL path
  • Added commands to navigate previous and next links with customizable link patterns
  • Use Firefox 24+ native console API
  • Update zh-CN localization

Versione 69.9 kB Compatibile con Firefox 12.0 e seguenti

Mainly maintenance update - lots of refactoring.
- Insert mode
- Hit markers can be rotated with Space while in hints mode
- Open multiple links command

Versione 63.5 kB Compatibile con Firefox 12.0 e seguenti

  • Added command to focus search bar: O
  • Added commands to stop loading current page and all pages: s and as
  • Invisible elements will not get hint markers
  • Compatibility with Firefox 25
  • Simple shortcut customization with UI in Help dialog
  • Use huffman coding algorithm for hint markers generation which results in shorter links
  • Implemented Bloom filters to achieve shorter hints for those shortcuts that are used often
  • Reimplemented scrolling - now works with pages wihere window is not scrollable
  • Find disabled on non HTML documents
  • Find string is now global for all windows.
  • Fixed logic of locale discovery. Now we rely on general.useragent.locale Firefox preference for current locale

Versione 50.1 kB Compatibile con Firefox 12.0 e seguenti

  • Custom hint chars hotfix

Versione 49.7 kB Compatibile con Firefox 12.0 e seguenti

  • Reimplemented find mode: CJK support, performace boost
  • `a/` or `a.` to highlight all matches of the search string on the page
  • Hint markers will now reach into iframes
  • Key handling is disabled when a popupmenu or panel are shown
  • `yf` will now also focus links and copy values from text/textarea element
  • `vf` will show hit markers to focus the underlying element

Versione 48.0 kB Compatibile con Firefox 12.0 e seguenti

  • : to open Firefox Developer Toolbar, Esc to close it.
  • Add Hungarian locale (@thenonameguy).
  • Add Polish locale (@grn).
  • Don't close pinned tabs when pressing x (@grn).
  • Switched to Makefile for building the extension release (@carno).
  • Mrakers CSS tweaks (@helmuthdu)

Versione 41.5 kB Compatibile con Firefox 12.0 e seguenti

  • Thanks to @mozillazg and @mcomella for translation contributions.
  • Added 'gh' command that will navigate to the home page.
  • Added 'o' command to focus address bar.
  • 'p' and 'P' will parse the contents of the clipboard. If the string in the clipboard appears to be a url then it will navigate to this url. Otherwise it will search for the string in the clipboard using currently selected search provider.
  • Now hint markers for links will stay on top of all the markers for different kinds of elements.
  • Esc will now also close the focused default search bar.
  • Fixed bugs related to keyboard events handling, XUL documents, and some other issues.
  • Bug fixed where not all the commands could be disabled via the Help dialog.

Versione 38.9 kB Compatibile con Firefox 12.0 e seguenti

  • Toolbar button hotfix
  • Added an option to disable individual shortcuts via the help dialog

Versione 38.7 kB Compatibile con Firefox 12.0 e seguenti

Hotfix for keyboard handling bug

Versione 35.7 kB Compatibile con Firefox 12.0 e seguenti

Hotfix: Preferences will now appear as expected.