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  • Suddenly stop working... I can see only "Nothing to restore!" :-(

    It starded work. I did not change anything only wait, because I believed, If it suddenly broke, It shoud in the same way suddenly fix, so It was happen... Why It was occured, I don't know...
  • Doesn't work correctly on multiple windows. Opens random tab at times.
  • Doesn't work on mobile Firefox.
  • ... I accidentally clicked the god damn Clear History button, and without confirmation or anything, this addon just deleted everything. Why does it even have that option?? It should at least give a confirm window before deleting 100% of your browsing history. omg
  • needs a dark/black mode
  • Great work!
  • When Firefox had their issue with signed addons, one of the suggested fixes was to set your clock back 1 day, except doing so erased all of my tabs for some reason, and they didn't even show up in my history but thankfully this addon was already signed AND it had all of my tabs saved for me. Seriously saved my sanity.
  • I'm afraid it doesn't work for me either. All I get is "Nothing to Restore!" Tried uninstalling and re-installing, nothing I do helps.
  • Athouht i can use ctrl+shift+t,I like this one better.
  • Useful addon.

    Too bad there isn't the full feature support of the old one:

    - click on button > restores last closed tab
    - click on arrow > opens dropdown

    Plus, I dont understand why there is a clear history button AND no option to disable this. 1.) it has nothing to do with the extensions function and 2.) if you click it by mistake a lot of things get deleted.
  • I've just installed this on my up to date Firefox, but it doesn't work. I think it's a Firefox issue, because the previous one had stopped working too. But nobody on the Community has suggested why it doesn't work. I have tried to "Contact the app developers" but can't find any way of doing so. All I can do is leave this comment. It's probably brilliant if it works, but ..... help!
  • Does not work on Android.
    The menu item appears, but says "Nothing to restore" when used.
    Please make it work, this is desparately needed in Android Firefox.
  • To get the 25 tab limit you need to open about:config & change the following setting browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo to 25