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  • Trying it and loving it never knew this was so useful
    More to come. It will blow your mind.
  • The ability to navigate webpages you've visited by URL breadcrumb is suprisingly useful. This addon looks nice, has several little improvements and, importantly, well designed settings to turn each off. You can see some thought has been put into this addon.
  • nice
  • Uma ótima opção pra melhorar o visual e praticidade da barra de endereço
  • My address bar looks awesome and more advanced. I don't need to manually delete part of an address and press enter, I'm just one click away.Thanks.
  • Where has this extension been all my life? This should be one of the most popular extensions for Firefox.
  • 这个东西真心不错,不过要是能支持中文,不要再显示成乱码就更好了。
  • ¡Excelente complemento! Uno de los mejores en todo el mercado.
  • Бывают дополнения к которым привыкаешь, перебариваешь себя, пользуясь ими. Есть такие, которых не замечаешь, пользуясь ими. Есть с интересной и новой идеей. В Location Bar Enhancer есть та изюминка ГЕНИАЛЬНОСТИ, которая ставит это дополнение на первое место в моем рейтинге. Замечательная идея и великолепное исполнение! Попробуйте это дополнение! Вы не пожалеете ни секунды! Гарантирую, что вы никогда больше не сможете работать в Firefox без этого дополнения. 10 баллов из 10!!! Супер!!!!
  • Can you add the option to copy the breadcrumb only?
    What do you mean ? Isn't there an option to copy the url till the breadcrumb part ?
  • Very useful! thnx!!
  • Офигенное расширение, во первых - полезная информация и быстрый переход на нижние уровни url-ки что очень удобно на некоторых сайтах. Во вторых - классный ползунок заполняющий адресс-бар когда грузится страничка.
  • Very powerful add-on for any power-users. A great time-saver that has elegant design too.
  • I love the things this addon contributes visually. A few requests however.

    One: having the alternate location status breadcrumb (the one which shows loading status) editable in terms of color instead of the default blue.

    Two: Able to change the colors of certain url elements. The default green, while useful, can get annoying and doesn't even remotely resemble my theme.

    While functionality-wise this addon shines, there are a few aesthetic changes still needed in my opinion, mostly involving color customization. Just those two changes would make me a very happy member of the web surfing community.

    Keep up the good work!

    Cheers :)

    Heh. Sorry about that. For some reason my eyes must've skimmed that portion about step 10 O.o

    Thanks for showing me the error of my ways.

    That still leaves me with two more points, however. I don't think the progress chevron is editable if I'm looking at the default template correctly, and I mostly just want to change a few core functions of the dark theme, rather than going through the process of redoing the entire theme.

    Regardless I think I can manage and must thank you, the developer, for making an awesome addon worthy of much praise.
    Hi, please feel free to create your own theme by choosing the colors of your own liking. All this is already possible. Just follow step 10. of the feature list on the add-on home page. Thanks :)

    UPDATE: yeah, my bad about not documenting the status bar part yet. But here you go:

    To change the color of the progress bar, you can simple open the Options window (Ctrl + Alt + L), go to Progress Bar tab and choose the color of your liking from many options present there.

    To change the style of the status bar that appears to the right of the breadcrumb apply any style on the id


    It has 2 children, first one is the icon (chevron icon) that is displayed to the left of the status text, and the second one is the label that contains the text of the status bar. So you can style both the children using #UIEnhancer_StatusBar :first-child and UIEnhancer_StatusBar :last-child selectors
  • I have to say that I was initially wrong about this one. When I first looked at it's page it looked like it would make the location bar geekier and I didn't give it a try. I later on gave it a second look and after using it for a while it truly does turn the address bar from a bunch of geeky nonsense into something truly usable and informative!

    I have been on a crusade for a long time to cut out the geek factor from tech and to make it work for real people. I have been railing for years about junk like "http" and colons, backslashes, ridiculous strings of junk at the end of addresses... This developer just made a quantum leap in the right direction.

    The information is laid out sensibly and controlling it is so easy a tech rookie can easily manage it. For a long time I have been pushing the granny test. If tech requires an IT degree to operate it then back to the drawing board. The benefits or tech should be readily apparent and easy to operate. 5 * reviews should be rare and this add-on truly sizzles!

    Finer points:

    * I found it better to take the status bar icon and drag it up to the address bar.

    * I am running Palemoon( currently 15.1.1) and it is working perfectly.

    * I also like how they included boobs and a thong with it. I am pleased to see that the developer has it so together and has his priorities in order. Why should tech have to be boring?

    Feature request:

    I only run Failfox for testing purposes but on mine the bookmark bar absolutely refuses to shut off. If I customize it and shut it off on restarts it rises from the dead like a horror film slasher. Since Mozilla refuses to fix this bug perhaps in a future update you could be the one to show them how it is done.
  • Great stuff. I just wish that it'll use more space of the address bar for showing the breadcrumb of large addresses. That's the only complain I have and that's why it's a 4/5 for me.
  • The Breadcrumb Bar might have a better check for slashes. When I type "ddg GNU/Linux", the "GNU/Linux" is a string, not a path. Maybe it should check if there's :// in front of it.
  • Thanks for creating this great add-on; it's such a time-saver and makes searching a breeze!
    Thanks for the review. Appreciate it :)
  • Nice url breadcrumb system easy on the eye.
  • like it very much
  • Hey bro! This add is just awesome!
    Thanks for it!
  • good!
  • In Short Form. It's Two Sexy's over Brainy. If you use 'Status-4-Ever', enjoy the look of Safari's Progress Bar or use Location2 check this Add-on out.

    The 30sec TV Spot: This is literally like my browser just put on a push-up bra. Up until now, I freely admit that while browsing the internet, I used to not know where I was! But Now! I Totally Know Where I Am! If you don't mind feeling like a pervert, and staring at your browser's 'new' Boobs all day. You're going to love this add-on. It's actually sexy and smart in so many ways. Everything this thing does, you probably want, and if you don't want the function you probably want the looks. I couldn't believe it myself. I'm the type to hit the configurations moments after installing. And under the hood you'll see all these things ticked off and you think 'Oh No', let's not over do it and keep things classy and neat. Only to later find out, that all these changes just classy-ed the place up, like glasses on a big boobed secretary. The soft blue transparencies when hovering over the breadcrumbs, makes you want to linger. The default tones and gradations that wisp by you every time you click are to slap your mama over! It adds great function and easily the best looking location bar I have ever seen. This has literally re-excited me about Add-ons just like when Firefox was new. For that, I can't thank the multi-talented developer enough.
  • "extensions.UIEnhancer.useIdentityBox;true" & "extensions.UIEnhancer.useIdentityEverytime;false"
    NOT work.

    "extensions.UIEnhancer.useIdentityBox;true" & "extensions.UIEnhancer.useIdentityEverytime;ture"
    still NOT work.
  • Very nice, but there is one thing. Please, replace help text from pop-up (mb optionaly) with full text in each cell. Because i can't see that gives me a url.
    Hi, I didn't understand your request. Can you open an issue on https://github.com/scrapmac/UIEnhancer/issues ?