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  • A minor bug in beta29a3.
    After started Firefox beta29a3, the cursor in location bar disappeared(not loss focus), cann't be clicked, cann't see what input. Clicks other section the cursor appears.

  • reference this review comment:

    Found solution for CPU problem Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    by Lim Thisisme on March 5, 2014 · permalink · translate

    I have it enable it permanently now. If you chage from the "Default light" style to "Devtools light" or "Dannah's light" style there is no problem. :)

    Indeed, any of these 2 immediately drops the CPU time eating. Breadcrumbs are back.

    Note that the version as at this writing is 5.1 as it has been for longer. Will update and test when a new release shows up on the add_ons window as needing a refresh.
  • I attempted to uninstall this only because I thought it was causing problems with moving around my well set up status bar buttons and I find it CANNOT be removed. Therefore, any positive feelings I had about it are now diminished. I hope you fix this problem cause it might have been useful if it didn't cause so many bugs.

    Reply: "it" refers to this extension. As this extension caused problems I wanted to remove it to rule it out as the cause. Since I can't remove "it"/this extension that is a problem. I hope that this further information clarifies what was meant by "it". I also hope you're able to get this fixed.
    What cannot be removed ?
  • The only thing that annoy me most is when you delete the first GET argument in url and there are more thing after it will went wrong because the question mark that divides the url and those things will be deleted.
    Sorry for my crappy English. But I really look forward to see this to be covered.
  • I like the way this location bar is transformed to a breadcrumb, so that explorer feeling is present and whenever I want to back to a parent location, I can do that in an instant.
  • I think this looks great. Especially the progress bar compared to alternatives.
    What I think is missing the most is the handling of subdomains too. With "smart text" I could go to mozilla.org from addons.mozilla.org with one click. Also there's no domain highlighting, which is desired, for better distinguishability between the domain and subdomains.
    Another useful thing that's missing is to set the ctrl+click/middle click tab opening to a background tab. Sometimes I want to open multiple segments, plus I set anything else to open in the background.

    Some ability to change the font would be nice. For some reason with smart text the urlbar text had a lot better readability even though I have the same font forced by css (DejaVu Sans). With this, other addons or without urlbar addons it looks worse.
    LBE: http://abload.de/img/leydsfi.png
    SMT: http://abload.de/img/smtansnz.png
    (I tried enforcing a larger text size but the results weren't as good, don't know why.)
  • I have it enable it permanently now. If you chage from the "Default light" style to "Devtools light" or "Dannah's light" style there is no problem. :)
  • Used to be an excellent add-on, but has had a serious CPU usage issue since months ago. I personally tracked the exact lines of code that caused the issue and told the developer, yet nothing was done. No programming activity (github commits) since 9 months ago and the dev hasn't been heard of 3 in months. I don't think this is in development anymore.
    Will try to get this particular fix this weekend. I have been really really busy for any add-on work since very long.
  • me gusta! this feature deserves standard implementation.
  • Mozilla, make this a feature! :)
  • I love this add-on, but it is so greedy for CPU power and make my laptop fan always on. Sorry mate! I have to disable it.
    Yesterday I encountered "All About Location Bar", so far so good. Those who have performance concerns over this add-on might give it a try.
  • On my quad-core i7 64bit processor, 8 threads, CPU usage jumps from 40-80% depending on how many tabs and how complex url in active tab is.
    Other than that love it. But disabled until some next update fixes this CPU leak.
  • Makes a more easy overview give me a more calm feeling when I browse the net.
    Yesterday my browser was hijacked by addware and the breadcrumb feature was helping me getting the inflicted tabs/sites/urls back in control. ;)
  • Good one.. and pretty important for the firefox users.
  • I really like the location bar breadcrumbs and context menu but it causes my Firefox 26 to use roughly 7 to 16 percent more of my core i5 cpu. Am I the only person to have this happen?
  • ow, I go to to option and un-tick "Use the new interface for the breadcrumbs" and the problem gone ...
  • Love it u guys should give it a go :)
  • Χρήσιμο.
  • Not only is this super cool to look at, it's also really useful!

    I expect to see this as a Firefox baked in app before long.

    Firefox needs to compete with the shiny new stuff, yes nerds like flashing lights and swoosh graphics! Location Bar Enhancer has all this and tweaks! Awesome!
  • Seems like a great tool and a very useful addon, from what I have read and seen, so I give it 5 stars. However, on firefox with the ubuntu package on a computer running ubuntu, it does not work properly. Might be a niche market but just a heads up on a compatability issue.
  • Don't work on firefox 26, please update your extension.
  • Just amazing
  • Works wonderfully.

    Suggestion: In the breadcrumb right-click menu, add an option to copy the value of the parameter.
  • Wow, I never thought I'd like seeing a URL in this format, but besides that there are some other really nice features to this!!!
  • As of FF25+ & Aurora 26+, status and progress text can no longer be moved by this plugin (nor any other apparently). Everything else works great though. Still love this plugin.