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  • failed to display status text in location bar on firefox 33 and firefox 35
  • I installed Location Bar Enhancer quite a while ago and it has been perfect. Now, that's just how I expect my location bar to be. It's the perfect addon... It does exactly what I wanted it to and never gets in my way.
  • A feature request: it would be great if the id tags in the current page are listed under the # part of the url.
  • На двух системах (OS) проверил. После установки и перезапуска браузера, Ваше расширение удаляет все закладки с панели закладок!!! ЭЙ!!!
  • Come on, will it ever start working on FF35?!
  • Понравилось
  • fantastic addon that makes the location bar (a huge part of an average user's browsing experience) that much more pleasant to work with. will make a donation when i can
  • Maybe the best FF addon ever
    !! Absolutely Top !!
  • Absolutely perfect!
  • J'aime vraiment ce module il embellit l'interface de Mozilla Firefox
  • Firefox 35 have not supported This Add-Ons. Please Upgrade To Firefox 35.0
  • Location Bar Enhancer is a great, intuitive add-on which saves lots of manual URL editing. If it were to become more popular it would make websites much more logical and intuitive for all users as they are forced to keep their URLs tidy.

    There are a few customisation features missing which I could like however. It would be nice if there was a hotkey for toggling the use of it on that domain for a session. It would also be nice if custom filters could be written to enable or disable it on various domains. I would also like an option on each page to "disable for this page", "disable for this domain" and "disable everywhere" which can be toggled at any time (this could be tied in with the first suggestion as hotkeys.
    Those are some nice feature requests. Can you please open issues for them in the github repo ? https://github.com/scrapmac/UIEnhancer/issues

  • + Examples for css would be nice
    + The vertical align of text is not good in Linux
    + I found the concept extremely interesting in the explorer of windows so bravo for spreading this UX feature!
  • It is working from now! Great addon!
    Take the browser to the next level! :D

    Any plans to implement that for chrome?
  • questa è un'ottima estensione, davvero molto ma molto comoda per la navigazione, è decisamente migliore della tradizionale barra url senza nascondere informazioni utili, ottimo davvero
  • beautiful and useful
  • Isn't changing anything.
  • Very useful addon!
  • I concur with the user below, the addon is awesome and very useful but the urlbar's size needs to be fixed. The option to display the status bar on the urlbar also doesn't seem to work. in spite of these little problems I think the extension deserves 5/5 stars, very recommended
  • Really good and useful, but on Firefox 31 the location bar is supposed to be the same size as the search bar and this makes the forward button look weird now... Please update...
  • 这么好的插件一定要继续更新啊,
  • Dieses Add-on ist praktisch und sieht zugleich gut aus. Es ahmt sehr gut die vom Windows-Explorer bekannten Pfadanzeige nach.

    This add-on is very practical and it also looks great. It imitates the path display of the windows explorer very well.
  • incredible
  • I'd love to use this, but the background breadcrumb image isn't cropped properly--using any of the 4 styles--in Firefox 30b2 on Linux. Instead, all the text is pushed to the very top of the location bar, and the location bar expands to show the entire background image.
    Please open an issue in the github repo with steps to reproduce and screenshots if possible.
  • I rarely write reviews for an addon, but this addon is just so awesome for something so simple. First, I don't use the breadcrumb UI in the location bar but it looks pretty cool at a glance. However, I absolutely LOVE the page loading progress bar animation. It absolutely modernizes Firefox, especially when combines with Australis curved tabs in Firefox 29. Looks very slick (and very useful)!

    The only thing I can think of that could improve this great addon even further is if the progress bar loading animation can be 3D. That would make it even slicker! =D

    Thank you for making this great addon!!