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  • When it works, it works great, but why does it lose my Blacklist over and over and over every time I restart Firefox? Is there some bug or issue?

    The lack of response from the dev loses a star too.
  • It's an amazing extension. It really saves me from seeing posts of things I do not want to see... but sometimes it doesn't hide things (mostly the junk on the sidebar).
  • Works great and hugely improves Tumblr for me.
  • A few items in the menu are still inaccesible due to its dimensions.
    also, it would be great to have the addon also hode reblogged posts that include blacklisted tags
  • As of December 16th 2017 this extension is working again. As of the time of this writing I'm using Firefox Quantum version 57.0.2. The previous reviews are several months old.

    You're probably going to need this to avoid star wars spoilers, and the like.
  • Makes Tumblr bearable again, thank you!
  • I got a new laptop and wanted to start using on Firefox on it. Downloaded Tumblr Savior for it and notice after the first use that it didn't save my blacklist. I thought it was just an error I made, so i loaded it again and noticed that it didn't even save my list when I tried to paste it. It used to work well, but i'm not sure what happened with it now. Shame.
  • doesnt work. Not only it resets blacklist I made but it blocks posts that DOESN'T contain any blacklisted tags.
  • Does exactly what it says. Removes ads and hides blacklisted posts. Tags for blacklisted posts are still visible so you can decide whether to view the post or not. I like how easy it is to restore a saved list since I need to refresh Firefox sometimes and that deletes all addons.
  • It worked great for me on Chrome for years, but the Firefox version is way too buggy. As someone else mentioned below, every time I close my browser my blacklist and options reset, and using the Load button to restore my settings doesn't even work. I'm going to have to start using Chrome again just for tumblr (assuming the Chrome version of the add-on still works), because there is absolutely no way I'm going back to having misinformation, fandom drama, unfunny annoying memes and frothing SJWs all over my dash.
  • so far, it's working, which two other options weren't
  • I installed this add-on today, and my queue is now full of ads.
    Tumblr Savior will never do anything to your account, it only changes the way your dashboard looks.

    I'd be happy to help you troubleshoot what happened to your browser. Please contact me at bjorn@bjornstar.com
  • It seems to work with blocking tags, but unfortunately it does not allow you to block individual posts or view all the tags on a post like XKit does.
  • Get rid of all of the drama and nonsense without unfollowing a blogger whom posts otherwise interesting content. Works fine for me to get rid of SJW related keywords, vegan proselytizing, zodiac fluff, topical things like famous persons passing away (may they RIP), spoilers and so on.
  • It is a bit difficult to find the necessary word to block spam, but once you find it works quite well.
    If there is little bandwidth, slows much content
  • There is no icon for it on my toolbar so I can't use it at all. The only place it shows up is in my add-ons and the only thing I can do is remove it or turn it off.
    Unfortunately, Tumblr Savior does not support Private Mode or running with History Disabled. If you'd like to use Tumblr Savior you'll need to enable browser history.
  • I tought I'll never get rid of Tumblr suggestions. It seems to work well.
  • ... it won't save you from people who don't tag their posts/reblogs. However it will definitely block the tags you specify. Overall it won't necessarily get rid of ALL unwanted posts, but it's pretty good for dashboard flood control. I recommend it.
  • Edited review! I had troubles with the add-on a moment ago, but I realized it must have been from having my history to never save. I turn the history back on (and restart the browser), and the icon showed up again! Try doing this if your icon is gone first!!
    I saw your review this morning on my way to work and was going to tell you that Tumblr Savior does not work if you have history disabled. Thanks for updating!
  • I'm using the lastest Firefox, version 37.0.2 and Tumblr Savior isn't working to block anything. There is no icon and no way for me to edit my lists. Any help?
  • This add-on works wonderfully! I'm so glad to have those posts off my dashboard, the white list also helps with anything you would make an exception for/would actually want to see. My only complaints are that if you clear your history it resets, so you have to keep the Save/Load code handy(which isn't a big deal really, I just keep the code on one of my computer's sticky notes), and it doesn't block posts on blogs. But other than those two things this add-on is perfect.