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I used to love this Add-on and found it indispensable. I used it for many months to categorize a lot of temporary research I do, quickly and easily. I like the user friendliness of the UI and simple to use features.

But I had to stop using it when I discovered that it was solely responsible in slowing down my browser. Every time I would open a new blank browser page (not a new tab) it would take up to 14 seconds to open. OUCH! This is on a 24" iMac 2.8GHz Dual Core;. no slouch of a machine. (I used a helpful add-on call XUL Profiler, found on this site).

I contacted the developer and I was told that TMT is not designed to handle a lot of bookmarks. (Yes I have a few hundred in TMT). I explained that FF 3.6.13 has no trouble opening a new page in a split second even with few thousand bookmarks I have.

This tells me that TMT coding is very poor from a speed perspective but the developer expressed no interested in fixing this issue. Too bad. I really like this add-on.

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