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Perché Task Information Collections è stato realizzato?

The idea behind this add-on comes from a study of sketches of users of their project and tasks related information. We are studying how people work on their projects or tasks through their information (files, emails, web pages, notes, etc.). And we are interested in how project related information collections form, are used over time and how they change and what is the tacit knowledge that gets lost in hierarchies or piles. This extension's aim is to enable users to bring information from various sources together as information is fragmented over many applications and it is difficult to understand one's projects collections.

By having the knowledge of how people form these collections, we might provide better tools or suggest (and maybe add) integrations possibilities to present applications.

Quali sono le prospettive per Task Information Collections

The next step is synchronisation between devices, collaboration between different people involved on the same project/task, a Thunderbird extension and a standalone application. We are very much looking forward to this and have some ideas of how to implement it.

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Informazioni sullo sviluppatore
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