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  • I LOVE TABS ON BOTTOM!!!!!!! I purposely uninstalled Firefox 59 to go back to Firefox 52 so I could have Tabs On Bottom back. I tried to make an entry in the profile page for Tabs On Bottom and other things, but it wouldn't work for some reason. So, I rolled back Firefox. I absolutely can't stand the tabs on top and refuse to use it that way. If I can't fix it, ever, I will quit using Firefox altogether. I would probably go to Microsoft Edge.
  • ist einfach logischer, daß die Tabs direkt über der Seite sind. Bitte ASAP für Firefox 57 überarbeiten. Danke.
  • Hallo please Update this Add-on for Firefox 57.

    Thx Alot
  • Guys, just do it manually on Firefox v57 - all you need to do is create one file, pasting some code and BÄM - tabs are back on bottom:
  • PLEASE fix Tabs on bottom for the last Firefox version!
  • I love TABS on Bottom....Please update this add on so that those of us that want the tabs on the bottom can still enjoy that format. I hate the new version of Firefox. I have tried all the other fixes with the chrome css files. It does NOT work for me. This add on was amazing and simple to use. Please help us out and update this asap!!! Thanks!
  • It looks natural - why the hell have Firefox disabled this brilliant add on? I'm sure many people would also use it if they knew it was
  • Sehr nützlich. Ich habe die Tabs viel lieber unten.
  • a life save but sadly doesnt work with new FireFox
  • I really like this add-on, now it's not compatible with the last version of Firefox... I keep adding "Tabs on bottom" each time Firefox is updating... Hopefully you will be able to make it work again!
  • Doesn't work in the latest version of Firefox!!!
  • As usual with Firefox - 100s of people like this addon so they make it incompatible in the latest versaion. Well done Mozilla - shot yourself in the foot again.
  • Not combatible with firefox 57+
  • I love your add-on, I hope you will update it for Firefox 57.
    For now I have this solution:
    1. Start Firefox
    2. about:support
    3. Open Profile folder
    4. Create a folder 'chrome'
    5. Create the file userChrome.css (Do mind the capital 'C'!)
    6. Paste below contents, save the file and restart Firefox.
    #nav-bar { /* Address bar */
    -moz-box-ordinal-group: 1 !important;
    #PersonalToolbar { /* Bookmarks bar */
    -moz-box-ordinal-group: 2 !important;
    #TabsToolbar { /* Tab bar */
    -moz-box-ordinal-group: 3 !important;
  • sehr sehr nützlich
  • Je trouve INACCEPTABLE que l.'option ne soit plus disponible avec Firefox Quantum.
  • Always liked this. I hope you update it.
  • Love having tabs on bottom!!! PLEASE CONVERT TO EXTENSION FOR FF 57!!!!
  • It makes it easier for me to see and manage the tabs.
  • Please back the Tabs on Bottom for Firefox Quantum.
  • What happened to Tabs on Bottom? Return it now or I have no further use for Firefox.
  • Please make this be available for 57?
  • Firefox please return Tabs on Bottom.
  • What happen to the capability of having my tabs located below the Bookmark Toolbar. Firefox took it off. How do I get it back. I would be using Chrome if I couldn't have my tab below the Bookmark Toolbar in Firefox. Is it going to be returned. If not, let me know. I'll make other arrangements. This is the second thing or more that Firefox has been screwing with the home page. Add benefits!!! DON'T REMOVED THEM!!!!!