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  • Looking for a alternative to Table2clipboard as it is not compatible with Firefox Quantum. Would love to try this but it is not compatible either. Need something that can be used with Quantum or will have to go back to older versions of Firefox
  • Mingyi Liu, why haven't you kept this wonderful extension of yours up to date with the latest versions of Firefox? Probably the most useful extension I have ever used. Missing it badly and I will gladly contribute $ to have access to it again.
  • This addon was incredibly powerful, but it's not compatible with FFQ just as it was never compatible with Chrome. I hope to see it revisited as I used it daily. I still check up on it from time o time to see if it's been updated yet. Sadly, it still isn't.
  • One of the most awesome add-ons I've ever used. Sadly doesn't work on the latest Firefox anymore (since Quantum) and I wonder if it's maintained and will be upgraded.
  • Not using it very often but when needed it proves to be very useful
  • Firefox addon
  • I have created an account on mozilla just so I can echo other users request to Mingyi Liu to update this to work with Quantum.
    While I used this infrequently, I have been a fan of it for many years now.. It is one of those tools that sits quietly and unobrusively for the most part but was always there when I needed it.
    So much easier than using copy paste to excel when you only want to do some quick analysis (or just copy a single column).
    If I were to be critical I might give this 4.5 starts for functionality and probably 4 stars for stability as it would occasionally just disappear when invoked, but given that it "never" affected the stability of Firefox I think was a great acheivement.
    Many thanks to Mingyi Liu for creating this addon and I hope you can find the time to make the updates necessary to get it working with FF57+
  • I used this all the time to sort tables and to copy them over to Excel. I wish Firefox didn't make it incompatible in Firefox 57. Hope to see a new one soon
  • Collection of information from the table was easy. I also think that it is a necessary function as a genuine function. It is a wonderful add-on that realized that. Is Firefox 57 severely compatible with this function? I hope this plugin will be updated.
  • Excellent add-on, flawless, easy-to-use, please upgrade to Firefox 57
  • i have used this for years. its a must have on ancestry and other sites. there is NO OTHER addon which WILL SORT as this does. Please update to ff57 even if it only is able to sort all though other options are handy its the sorting by numbers or alphabetical that is the most important part of the addon. i have uninstalled ff57 and reinstaled and blocked update to ff55 just so i could still use tabletools and colorful tabs. PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE TO FF57
  • Please update this addon so it meets Firefox's new standards! It has been ESSENTIAL to my daily job and I feel lost without it!!! I quite literally use this 5-10 times every day.
  • Very useful addon, but stop working on Firefox 57+, so I have found some replacements:
    - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/table-to-excel/
    - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/html-table-capture/
  • I love this addon. It's easily one of the best I've encountered.

    If I could just make one request, however, it would be to add the ability to resize columns. This would put the app over the top.

    ======= Addendum on 2018/04/21 =======

    I stayed with FF 56 for as long as I could so I could keep using this addon, but I've been forced to upgrade to FF 59 for other reasons. In your updated introduction, it looked as if there might be a way to enable this addon by disabling multi-threading. To the best of my knowledge, I've disabled multi-threading--though I still do see a second process in the Task Manager. Is there a way to force this addon to be enabled in FF 59 so I can see if it will work well enough?
  • Would you please update the add-on so it supports the multiple content processes feature in Firefox 54??
    It's certainly on my mind but I found myself gasping for free time now (really drowned with work and also many things in life too), so really not making much progress in addons. But I'll try see if I can devote some time in the next months on this. The biggest issue is the Options. I need to remake the options panel, otherwise it's an easy transition (except for time obviously)...
  • I searched chrome extensions website for a similar extension, nothing comes even close to this add-on. There are some very basic extensions for sorting tables, but even those simple specialized add-ons have bugs. Compared to them TableTools2 is gold!
  • A very good app/muy buena App
    Probado/tested: FF28 /palemoon27/Waterfox55
  • Hiding rows is what I needed the most. Otherwise it was a great add-on.
  • ... find this gem earlier!? Great, great thing! Very useful!
  • A really great tool, especially for ease of exporting html tables to excel. I registered just to give you 5 stars.
  • It's so useful for me.
    I usually seach for some information in the Internet.
    When I find it, if it is a table. it's easy.
    I select TableTools2 in context meu, "Copy" and after "Table as Text" and paste in a Excel workbook. There are many other interesting options.
  • I really can't live w/o this tool. Love it. So often it proves useful.
  • Working perfectly! 10/10
  • Amazingly, Evernote doesn't offer a sorting feature for tables. Install this add-on and you'll be sorting tables in Evernote's web app in seconds.

    This add-on does a lot more but for me, sorting in Evernote was the requirement and this nailed it.

    Works perfectly.