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  • The Good:
    - seems to be doing its job
    (though FF always still manages to use many 100's of MB and multiple instances of FF
    for - I think - installed add-ons, Gmail and YT etc...but prob. Mozilla's fault)
    - good extra features,
    like only whitelist a particular tab or its whole domain name

    The Bad:
    - Youtube tabs that are reloaded,
    are loading the mobile ("m.youtube[...]") version.
    Really annoying!

    The Ugly:
    - nothing important really.
    Maybe the icon. On/off button prob. not the best choice.
  • This was the lifesaver for my laptop with only 2GB ram. I switched to "Auto Tab Discard" because it has an "... only if number of inactive tabs exceeds [ ]" option. Tab Unlader has the better ui and the better icon though, so I hope competion will bring further improvements. More memory-awareness would be nice, i.e. discard tabs if FF memory consumption exceeds [ ].
  • Thank you Afnan Khan, and good people at Mozilla.
    I have not tested this extension yet because I still mainly use a version older than FF57("the Great Regression"), but give it 5 for encouragement. Every user of FF that uses more than 10 tabs in a session, needs an "auto unload tabs" functionality, like we need air.
    After I have searched(2018) and read about/viewed screen shots (videos), of extensions that are able to unload(auto) tabs, I find this one to be the closest with the extension:"Auto Unload Tab by def00111" which does not work on FF after v56, but does a superb job on FF before 57, of unloading(auto too) tabs from multiple groups without using much CPU.
    Hopefully Afnan Khan did not quit maintaining(or improving) this much needed add-on.
    About the loosing of favicons of tabs it seems to be a bug of Firefox ("Most notably, tabs may loose their icons or display as loading. Fixing that is Mozillas job")...see more here: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1450382
  • It changes favicons in bookmark to a blank icon with a yellow dot. And the worst is it can't rollback to the original one, force refresh don't work.
  • Does what it says on the tin. Seems to be the only unloading extension out there that does it on a timer.
    Would like an option to disable the recently-added favicon replacing though - the pink blotches are unsightly and, for those who already have styling set up around unloaded tabs, unnecessary. The extension also fails to retrieve favicons of unloaded tabs after a browser restart / session restore, so you end up with a bunch of "default" icons with pink circles on them.
    Would also be nice if it integrated with Tree Style Tab, so its menu options show up on the side tabs as well.
  • Sometimes it can't load unloaded tab giving New Tab
  • Great addon. Sadly the developer never answers the feedback sent to the mail provided.
  • Update reacts and unloads tabs much faster than previous version. "Must-have" extension for my ageing Mac, inclusion of menu item to unload tabs in other windows is welcome addition.
  • Looks like the CPU usage is within reason now. So, this is the best tab unloader with automatic background unloading I've found.
    Can you try the latest version and tell me if it still use all of your CPU?
  • Excelent
  • This is my favorite memory saving add-ons by far.

    Some suggestions to make it even better:
    - Option to unload other tabs at start-up
    - Perform a "Minimize memory usage" (from about:memory) when unloading tabs
    - Option to not unload tabs that contain unsaved form inputs
    - Option to not unloads tabs that are playing audio
    - Default action on Left click on button (e.g. Unload other tabs) and display Menu on Right click on button
    - Fix: Favicons of unloaded tabs are lost in restarted Firefox

    Thanks a lot for your work!
  • Useful addon to reduce memory usage. Also I can avoid some web sites keeping watching my access.
    One inconvenience: Favicons of unloaded tabs are lost in restarted Firefox.
  • I really like it, it's very useful. But the tab context menu don't work with Tree Style Tab. Please fix that. Thanks
  • Please auto white-listed web page with changed form.
  • Works perfectly. Simple and elegant UI.
    Note that you need Firefox 59!
  • FF 59.0b12 (x64)

    - Please, add support for the Tree Style Tab API (for the RMB-context menu on fake tabs).

    - Please share your addon on github - to be able to write issues and pool requests.

    - some tabs are not restored - its happen on tabs that you open in the background but don't get to before the tab unloads.
    I see the same bug on auto-tab-discard addon, so its may be a FF bug
  • There should be options such as "Don't suspend tabs playing video", "Don't suspend pinned tabs", "Don't suspend tabs with a form unsend". These there would be enough actually.
  • Почему у большинства выгруженных вкладок не отображаются иконки?
  • had no effect for me. obviously no working bulk unload extension exists :-(
    Can you try again and see if it work now?
  • Work on FF58 :)