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  • Doesn't work from the top toolbars, only works through the menu
  • doesn't work on tabs in private window
  • Perfect! I loved.
    Now I can use the Whatsapp's Web Page without locking.
  • Straight forward, does exactly what it promises and does not require jumping through hoops to make it do so! Thank you this makes tracking flights effortless.
  • Very good ! This is exactly what i was searching for.. Thank you!
  • Automatically refreshes tabs, like it says. you can set your own time interval and customize it for individual tabs. Simple and reliable
  • Nice add-on if you use a single browser window. However, if you detach a tab from the main browser window this plugin no longer correctly identifies the url of the detached tab. Other than that, seems to work fine.
  • This is the first auto reload/refresh Firefox extension that I've found that can be customized for each tab that I have! This is exactly what I wanted and it works fantastic. Highly recommended, thanks to "Alex" for making this available to the Firefox community!