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Comment by Jesst on October 13, 2012, translation:

>> Handy thing! A little short though, would translate into English, but intuitively clear here: <<
>> in the menu at the top or in the context menu of the page, select "Generate note" - and on the <<
>> page (in some random place - then up, then down, then looking out of the corner from some menus) <<
>> there bright yellow "leaf", which You can write your note. <<
>> Notes attached to the page address. Even on one site you can create notes on different pages. <<
>> It would be nice to add a single note in the option - for all pages, or it for one. <<
>> It is possible for a page to add a few notes and hang them in different places. <<
>> Notes scroll with the page - too bad to do it the option for each note - to pin (make pinned) or <<
>> make a "floating" (make float). Now all the "pinned" (pinned). <<
>> The white box in the page header - for tags. On them then you can search for notes in the sidebar. <<
>> Conveniently, you can double-click (in the sidebar) to go to a page with a certain note. <<
>> Expansion needs some work, but enjoy possible. <<
>> Many thanks to the author, and success in the development of programs! ;-) <<

I translated this because I was curious as to what this Jesst said, and then as I agreed on the comment
I thought I would post it in English because there are some good ideas as to improvements on this add-on!

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Google Translation Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

The following is a direct translation of the add-on's description:

I paste in a sticky note on Web pages.
Sticky notes you can leave a note, you can change the size, the position.
You can view a list of sticky notes in the sidebar, to jump into that sticky paste.

The main features, shortcuts (in parentheses Mac)
Ctrl + Shift + C or right-click menu "Create a Sticky here:" create a sticky
Click the X mark or Ctrl + Shift + D, while the focus is on Sticky: Removed Sticky
Or Ctrl + q, "Show / Hide sticky" right-click menu: Click here to show / hide list
Drag the top of the sticky: resize
Drag the bottom right corner of the sticky note: Changing the size
Sidebar: "Sticky List" Tools menu, or Ctrl (Command) + Shift + S
Ctrl + Shift + F: Focus on the sidebar

J in the selected state, or "sticky jump to" right-click menu: Jump to sticky
Double-click on the sticky or Enter, or select status, "Remove tag" right-click menu: remove the sticky

Hope this helps someone? ;)

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente ( del componente aggiuntivo.