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Versione 2.3 259.6 KiB

Versione 2.2 256.2 KiB

Versione 2.1 255.3 KiB

Versione 2.0 295.2 KiB

Versione 1.8 243.0 KiB

Versione 1.7 242.0 KiB

Versione 1.5 242.0 KiB

Versione 1.3.1 281.0 KiB

This version contains the same dictionary of version 1.3.0, but it includes the <em:unpack>true</em:unpack> propety so it works with latest beta versions of Firefox 4.0 and SeaMonkey 2.1. It also adds Instantbird 0.2-0.3pre as a valid host application.

Versione 1.3.0 310.0 KiB

This new version includes the RLA-ES project status to November 3rd 2009, with many enhancements in the dictionary itself.

From the point of view of the Mozilla package, supported versions of Mozilla host applications have been updated to the current ones. Besides that, other non-Mozilla host applications, like KompoZer, have been added.

Versione 1.2.1 290.0 KiB

Versione 1.1 290.0 KiB

Versione 1.0 192.0 KiB

Con tiempo pretendo revisarlo y mejorarlo para incluir modificaciones del DRAE y del habla común (léase, por ejemplo, incluir podcast).

My intention is to review and enhance it as soon as I'm able, according to modifications to the DRAE and the everyday talk (as example, to include podcast).