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I do really like this, but I can mimic a lot of it with firefox keywords. What would REALLY make this a 5 star application is if it could do somethings that cannot be mimicked otherwise, and here is a little suggestion. (if anyone knows how to do this please let me know!)

My biggest need for a launcher has to do with the sidebar. I use a lot of things in the sidebar, google calendar, google notebook, websearches, google tasks, toodledo, even the iphone-optimized sites like google reader and google news, picasa, flickr, etc. Launching these in the sidebar allows me to cut back on the amount of extensions i have, and really makes things faster. I keep a list of shortcuts for various applications in a google doc that open in the sidebar, and various other reference-oriented things.

However, all the bookmarks that I have to launch in the sidebar have to be manually clicked in firefox. If you assign a keyword for a shortcut that has the "load in the sidebar" option checked, then typing in the keyword will still open it in a tab, not the sidebar - and this is just a reality of the way firefox is made, so I have read. I desperately need a way to launch things into the sidebar. My bookmarks toolbar is filed with these things, and I have to use the mouse. Ick.

Then there is this WONDERFUL extension that would allow me to venture out of mouse hell and into keyboard heaven and allow me to launch bookmarks with keystrokes, a brilliant way to cater to so many of us keyboard geeks. It seems like what I need would best be found in SiteLauncher, but I cant find it.

Is it just me? Is there an option and I dont see it?

Thanks so much!

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (1.6.4) del componente aggiuntivo.