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Perché Shortcut Keys for Open the Link è stato realizzato?

I had to be inconvenient to open list of URLs that operated by a mouse.
and I learned how to monitor key input when I created the "Shortcut Keys for Google Search".
So I created this addon to improve operation efficiency without removing hands from the keyboard to the mouse.

Quali sono le prospettive per Shortcut Keys for Open the Link

I would like to implement more shortcut keys that improve operation efficiency.

Informazioni sullo sviluppatore

Informazioni sullo sviluppatore
Nome backy0175
Località Kyoto, Japan
Pagina principale
Utente da February 24, 2012
Numero di componenti aggiuntivi sviluppati 36 componenti aggiuntivi
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Chi è backy0175?

Basically, I have created addons that I need.<br/>and I am using a variety of software available from the Internet every day.<br/>So, I think that it I could give back by exposing addons that I created.