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  • Virgin have not updated this wonderful tool bar to be compatible with up to date browsers. If you have an old browser and the toolbar works, then brilliant, but if like me you keep everything up to date, then it doesn't work. End of .

  • Hardly ever actually gives you any miles for any purchases.
    Never pops up when you visit a Mile Finder Partner site (the old one from years ago used to)
    Basically they can track what you're up to but give nothing in return. Don't waste your time.

    Replica dello sviluppatore

    Thanks for taking the time to review the Shops Away Mile Finder. Shops Away retailers must opt in to be part of the Shops Away Mile Finder Toolbar. As such, a miles alert is not available at all Shops Away retailers; however many of our top partners have already opted in. More retailers are opting in all the time but if your favourite isn't currently available through Mile Finder, keep visiting them via the Shops Away website to earn miles.