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Versione 184.2 KiB Compatibile con Firefox 19.0 e seguenti

Repacked with the SDK version 1.14

Versione 1.02.1-signed.1-signed 172.0 KiB Compatibile con Firefox 10.0 e seguenti

Performance improvements to address issues people had where it would hang on slower computers. It should now not noticeably affect FireFox performance even on very slow or old machines.

Client side support for coupon delivery has been greatly enhanced. In addition to comparison shopping, we will provide users with many coupons on tons of popular e-commerce sites as soon as people migrate to version 1.02.

Versione 1.01.1-signed.1-signed 165.0 KiB Compatibile con Firefox 10.0 e seguenti

Bug fixes and security updates

Versione 0.2.1-signed.1-signed 161.7 KiB Compatibile con Firefox 8.0 e seguenti

updated based on reviewer feedback