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This is quite useful.
An option I would really like you to add is holding control and double clicking the text to define it would be great. It's like from the Google Dictionary extension on the Chrome Store.

Good, but could be opmtimized for only definition box. Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle

This works great and does exactly what it's supposed to do--good job! However, it would save time for the user if you only displayed a box that contains JUST the definition panel from Google. Right now you have to scroll down a little bit, but not too far so that you don't go into results. It would be best in my opinion to only see the definitions, but not the ability to scroll through other results, etc.
Great job though! :)

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I use your dictionary very frequently and like it, but the results would have been more accurate if you add the prefix "define " with the word before searching it in google. Like if I type "happiness" then google will return web page but if I type "define happiness" it will return meaning of the word.

Hope you consider!


Hi there,
Unfortunately Google seem to have discontinued their dictionary service to some extent. It looks like it is being transferred to Google Translate. I will have to wait until they normalize everything. However there is something you can do to get it to work again.
In Firefox if you go to Tools>Addons then click on Option for this addon you can change the "Current Google Dictionary URL"
If you are only using it to define English words then you can change the URL from:


That way any English word you select will be appended to that URL and the definition retrieved.

For all other languages including English you will need to change the URL to:

Not all languages work just yet but some do and hopefully Google will make them all work in time.

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I use this at least 5-6 times a day.

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This add-on is fantastic; I love the idea and the execution. My only problem with it is that it does not appear to work at all in Private Browsing mode. If you could add that feature, this would definitely be a five-star add-on.



I just realized that while I was using the latest Firefox, my version of this addon was the previous version 0.2, not the current 0.2.1

The older version still works in private mode, but the newer version does not. I think FF team have disabled addons in private mode for security reasons.

If you wish to use this addon in private mode, you can remove the 0.2.1 version and visit here:

You will find the option to install version 0.2 and it should work in private mode for you. I do not know if it will weaken general FF security or not, but I have to wait for the FF development team to make more changes to allow addons to be used in private mode again in some way.

Hope that helps.

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Very nice. Convenient, quick, and without any hassle like some other addons I've tried. Perfect.

Questa recensione riguarda una versione precedente (0.2.1-signed.1-signed) del componente aggiuntivo. 

Thanks a lot for your review.