285 recensioni
  • Misses images a website loads in the gallery.
  • Renaming files doesn't work. Small and unintuitive UI. Practically useless. Uninstalled.
  • Amazing. But this is not my needs. If the download will be download at images, I will happy.
  • Amazing, just amazing!! I can only imagine how many hours I'll save with this tool. I collect art and illustration references and this is simply perfect! THANK YOU <3!
  • Practically worthless. Not customizable in any reasonable way; how about having thumbnails of the images presented in blocks of ten or fifteen? That way if you liked some --- you could just choose a dozen or so at a time. For now it's going back to the cloud where it came from.
  • I've used this on and off for quite a long time. Very pleased with it. The regular expression matching is a great feature. I recommend this highly if you have a need to bulk-download webpage images.
  • Luckily my anti-virus blocked all the ads when I using this addon.