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  • Amazing. But this is not my needs. If the download will be download at images, I will happy.
  • Amazing, just amazing!! I can only imagine how many hours I'll save with this tool. I collect art and illustration references and this is simply perfect! THANK YOU <3!
  • Practically worthless. Not customizable in any reasonable way; how about having thumbnails of the images presented in blocks of ten or fifteen? That way if you liked some --- you could just choose a dozen or so at a time. For now it's going back to the cloud where it came from.
  • I've used this on and off for quite a long time. Very pleased with it. The regular expression matching is a great feature. I recommend this highly if you have a need to bulk-download webpage images.
  • Luckily my anti-virus blocked all the ads when I using this addon.
  • Useless As Hell
  • Doesn't say where it saves the pictures. Useless.
  • Vraiment parfait !
  • This extension will download all pictures in the background and after a while it has downloaded over 15000 pictures and Firefox was using more than 8GB of memory and was almost not responding when i tried to Exit. So search deep 3 will make your computer to work and it will probably use all your resources too. It also seems to leave all the downloaded cache files instead of removing them when you close the extension. It will also start at search deep 3 it i have used that in a previous page and before you have changed it, it has already downloaded hundreds of pictures that will take up a lot of space. Even if i pressed Stop it continued to download pictures and i even closed the window but it continues to download. Try search deep 3 on kuvaton.com and you will see what i mean.