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  • Wow...definitely need to have the Red Sox theme back! Or give me the ability to go back to a version that will allow it!!!

    TIS THE SEASON, Don'tcha KNOW????

    Jude L

  • Hello Randy;Will this work on Firefox 3.6 and newer? I don't see anymore updates,Firefox keeps asking to update to 3.6,and I want to keep the Redsox Theme?

  • Hello,will you be updating redsoxfox for Firefox 3.6 and newer? I want to update Firefox,but don't want to loose this Awesome Red Sox Theme.Thankyou.

  • Awesome themes, bro! I love the Red Sox and Patriots! Any way we could see a theme of the Boston Bruins? That would be awesome, as well! Take care, bro! Awesome job on the Red Sox and Patriots themes!

  • Awesome theme, both this and Patriotfox. Any way to get it to with with colortabs like Chromatab or Colorful Tab?

  • Totally Awesome! Go RedSox.Thankyou So Much For The Update.I and all of Red Sox Nation Say Thankyou!

    Replica dello sviluppatore

    Thanks and,You are welcome !!

  • Hi; Awesome Redsox Add on.Will you be updating so it can be used in Firefox 3.5? Please Update if Possible,Really Liked this Add on.Thanks!

  • this will not work for 3.5, how do I go back to 3.0?

  • Great looking theme and one of the best teams in baseball.

  • Now I can change themes with the seasons!!! I can almost get the aroma from yawkey way from here......
    All seems to work well, no issues.

  • Love the theme, but where is the Drop Down arrow for the address box? It has disappeared since I added this theme. Kind of an inconvenience because I do not remember the addresses of all the sites I regularly visit. Please advise with help at your convenience.

    Replica dello sviluppatore

    I have an updated version I will submit very soon. I hope the new version will take care of the problem you have stated , along with a couple of other known problems. Hang on a little while longer !! Thanks

  • Absolutely LOVE the theme but after the latest update, I lost my scroll bar. I'm using a MAC, and I really don't want to change the theme, I love it so much!

  • I love the field and green monster pic, but in my opinion, the player images make it messy and hard to view the address bar. :( Would be cool if it was just a wide pic of Fenway

  • go redsox

  • I love this, there may be a problem with the FIND function after installing. Trying to search for text on a page, it won't find anything, and the "Next", "Previous" and "Highlight All" buttons are grayed out.

    Took this theme off, and they work again, so sorry, but I'm using the Patriots theme for now, even though it's still baseball season.

    Replica dello sviluppatore

    Yes, I see the problem and have found the solution. I will include it in an update soon. Also will do the same for Patriotfox.


  • Sorry, but I can't figure out where to submit this: using OS 10.5.4 and FF 3.0.1 there's no vertical scroll bar (right-hand side) with this theme but there is without.

  • I really like this theme and I've used it before. Will you be making changes so it will work on 3.5. I need my Red Sox fix. :-)