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  • Works perfectly fine on Firefox 72. Although I agree that the permission to access data on all websites doesn't make sense, unreasonable and should be removed to help the add-on gain more trust.

    Remotely accessing files - via encrypted end-to-end tunnels - on different devices & platforms in different locations couldn't be any easier.

    I install the Pushbullet extension on every browser on every OS on all of my computers, and I also install the Pushbullet app on all of my devices. It's literally the first thing I do with any new device or OS after I've secured it.

    Mirroring texts and notifications to a computer is nice, but for me the big draw is securely transferring data between devices and accessing any file on any device from any other device anywhere I go.
  • won't work on firefox, but on other browsers its functioning pretty well but on firefox, even the official site isn't opeining (FYI i've turned off tracker/adblocker)whatsoever.
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/PushBullet/comments/3sgdev/cant_enter_e2e_password_in_firefox_addon/

    Seems devs don't carz about users issues...

    Painful here...
  • A permission for accessing all the data on web-pages is unreasonable.
  • This things works flawlessly on Google Chrome, on my Ios and android but on FireFox (windows) this thing purely sucks. I have tried almost 3-4 times installing and reinstalling this again but each and every time the functionality somehow has been broken.
  • Can't link to my Pushbullet account since last month. I have third-party cookies enabled.
  • The extension's toolbar overflow menu expanded menu is the wrong size, forcing you to scroll to see different parts of it.
  • 需要使用google或者fb登录,然而这被墙了
  • Cannot sign in on Firefox Dev Edition. Here's the security error in the console: https://imgur.com/a/vVVQNeN.