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Privacy Principles (from:

Abine Inc. is committed to collecting none, or the minimum information necessary for operation, and handling responsibly any information and data we do collect, whether personal information or non personal browsing and site usage data. We have designed our Privacy Policy and our Data Usage Policy consistent with the following principles (based on the Creative Commons privacy policy):

1. Privacy policies and data collection and use policies should be human readable, comprehensive, and easy to locate;
2. Only the minimum amount of information reasonably necessary to provide you with services should be collected and maintained, and only for so long as reasonably needed or required;
3. Information you provide through our Websites, or that we gather as a result of your use of our Websites or OpenID services, should not be used for marketing or advertising purposes, nor should it be provided voluntarily (without your permission) to anyone else unless required; and
4. Unless restricted or prohibited by law, and provided your email address has been collected and retained, you should be notified when circumstances require Abine Inc. to provide a third party with your personal information.

Privacy Policy

Abine, Inc. except as required by law:
* Abine will not track, store or transmit to any server or third party, information regarding users’ behavioral data (to include web browsing activity).
* will not sell or otherwise work with third parties to market additional software to users (not including Abine software or services).
* will not deliver or help others deliver any targeted advertising to users.
* will not store users' passwords and login credentials on Abine’s servers (or any other remote location other than the user’s computer) except when requested to do so and encrypted with a key not known to Abine.

(Please note that Abine's policy is “required by law”, not “permitted by law”, since “permitted” means almost anything is allowed, while “required” are situations where the company receives a valid court order, for example, and is compelled to comply.)

Information we Collect from our Websites (because we can't avoid it.)
The goal of Abine Inc. is to help you re-grain control of your personal information. As a result, we strive to keep your privacy intact. Our privacy policy reflects this goal:

* We do not use persistent cookies on this site
* We may use session cookies from time to time. Session cookies expire when you close your browser. You can set your browser to refuse cookies (with Abine).
* We won't share or rent data unless you are buying additional services through us,in which cases we share the minimum data required, or we are compelled by legal orders.
* No specifics of a user and what they do on the site are kept (see exceptions below in PRIVACYSUITE BETA PROGRAM)

* We keep aggregate track of what site pages are visited, and when, but no data whatsoever on who went where is stored

This website is not directed at individuals under thirteen years of age, and we do not intend to collect any personally-identifiable information from such individuals.

Information we Collect from the Browser Add-on (because we can't avoid it.)
All your accounts, passwords, and other browsing activity is stored locally in an encrypted database for which we do not have the ability to decrypt. Please see "Where is my data" for more information.

Our Abine browser add-on uses unique identifiers that are not tied to you or your IP address, and are used to help you track versions and updates for the add-on, as well as to validate shielding requests. If you chose to provide more data in order to take advantage of additional services, such as webmail, the add-on identifier is never used in a way that ties it to your name or personal information.

* We may collect a unique anonymous number from each browser add-on to track total number of installs and verify proper functioning of our software, and regularly check for add-on updates
* If we are shielding your email address, the target emails addresses are stored
* If we are shielding your phone number, the target phone number, or email address for voicemails is stored.
* If you share form mappings with us we do not collect your IP or add-on id.

If you chose to OPT-IN to the PrivacySuite Beta program, information on product usage is transmitted to us for the purpose of improving the product. This includes information on the features you use in the product, how often you use them and the number of accounts created. This information will be used in the aggregate for improving our products.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at

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