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  • Great add on but needs updating for version 57. Nothing else like it out there
  • Still working fine with Firefox v56, but the big change to v57 is imminent. Will you be converting it to a Web Extension?
  • GREAT idea but has not been maintained to work with newer versions of Firefox. It does not display with Version 56, so don't waste your time.
  • Doesn't produce a menu item on FF 53.0.3
  • Sadly, doesn't work with FF Nightly 55a01
    Needs to be updated. Great addon when working.
  • Works perfectly
  • Love that it provides right click ability to print popup windows that had none before, however the page I was after contains scrolling text which was not identified. Only visible text was captured.
  • One reviewer said that this didn't work on mac when in fact it does. You have to click on the vertical lines in the upper left hand corner and the print will have a drop down arrow beside it. It works great! Thanks.
  • As other reviewers have pointed out, this add-on does not work in Firefox in OS X. To the developer: At least have the grace to state clearly in the description that the add-on is Windows-only and/or does not function on Macs, rather than waste our time installing, testing and deleting the add-on.
  • Fx lost the native print button. Hey devs' spruce it up guys. This print button does the job just fine. Thank You, Jim
  • This is such a great add-on for what I'm busy with.
    I would just like to know whether there is a way to fire this off through JavaScript?
  • Doesn't work with Firefox (41.0.2) on OS X Yosemite (10.10.5). There's no "Print Preview" entry in the "File" menu, despite the add-on pretends having been installed correctly (no error messages during installation, correctly listed on Add-ons configuration page).
  • Would be better if button would remember the last print option selected. I prefer not to preview before print, so I always want to go straight to my print dialog. Although this feature works when selected from the Drop Down menu, it does not remember that setting. This requires that you select "Print" from the Drop Down menu every time. UGH!!!
  • This is a useless app. Both options bring up Print Preview, not "Print" like I want.

    Thanks so much for the Update that fixes the problem.
    It seems a recent change in Firefox caused this issue (where both "Print" and "Print preview" just trigger the latter). I've just uploaded a new version (awaiting review) that fixes this. Thanks for the heads-up.
  • I removed it, because it offers the same as Firefox default Print Button. Nothing more.
    I will install it again back if it offers more editing tools, such as fit webpage to 1 single page, remove extra elements from the pages, etc.
  • Simply perfect! Just what I needed Thank you!!
  • I like this add-on but my browser Firefox v29.0.1 freeze when I use it with XPS printer. It's ok when I print with other printer.
  • I found this after fighting a GoDaddy receipt page that was printing too big for the page from a simplified pop-up window with no menu or toolbars so I couldn't get to the page options to scale it to fit before printing. A useful add-on but this really should just be how Firefox works in the first place!
  • Great innovation, Thanks
  • Works effortlessly .. cheers
  • nice addition to the print button, thanks.
  • Ist ganz nützlich, aber nur für Nutzer die direkt aus dem Browsr drucken.
  • Thanks! This add-on is really helpful. However it would be even nicer if the context menu entries would be optional - my context menu is already so cluttered :-( form other add-ons which also unasked put their stuff into the context menu)
    Also is there a hotkey for the preview and if not could you add one (like ctrl+alt+p)?
  • Something seems to be wrong. 'Print Preview' behaves like 'Print', bringing up the print dialog instead of the preview.
    Apologies for the delay...yes, it seems something in Firefox's internals changed recently, making the old code break. Updated now, should work fine in latest versions of Firefox as well :)
  • Hello. I have updated this to work with Firefox 4. I did not make the original extension.

    Just manually version-bumped it (I thought addons.mozilla did this automatically, but maybe just for more recent versions), so this is also working again in latest Firefoxes :)