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  • Please update it for 9.0.1 <3
    I love this theme

  • I love it!! Thank you!

  • I love it! Also your other ones...
    But What I´m really looking for is a girlish theme like this in light green (lime, or like textlinerpens), for instance "55ff55".

  • Please upgrade this beautiful theme. Thank you!

  • Please upgrade this beautiful theme. Thank you!

  • Hi,

    please upgrade this one. Thanks! It's so beautiful!

  • Hi,

    please upgrade this one. Thanks! It's so beautiful!

  • Very cute.

  • That's Kool!

  • There gonna be a blue paula? I hate pink yet I love this theme.

  • This skin is perfect! I have been looking for a cute pink theme for a long time now, and I was stuck with the Pink Hope theme for several months now. When will it come out for Firefox 3? because seriously, I downgraded to a lower version just to use this theme. Hehehe. I hope you come out with more skins (even if it's not pink, I know you'd do great on other colors)

  • Please update

  • nice

  • I love this theme so very much! Please update so I can use it with Firefox 3.

  • My favorite theme~! PLEASE, please update it!

  • I loved this one and miss it since upgrading!!! Please update it!!!!!!

  • PLEASE update Pink Paula!!!!!!!!!

  • This was the most awesome pink Firefox theme available, pre-updating. All the other pink themes look too over the top. Please update this theme, Firefox just doesn't seem as good without it.

    Thanks for the theme, I hope you can update it soon.

  • ...that it does'nt work with the FF 3.

    I made my update from 2 to 3 today and I'm missing my pink firefox as hell. :*(

    PLEASE update Pink Paula!!!!!!!!!

    Thanx and best wishes from Germany,


  • I'm 11 yrs old and a pink chick. I really want to use pink Paula, please update it. I think that it looks absolutely fab!! I love pink. My room is pink and so is half my wardrobe. I'm begging you. UPDATE!!!

  • I hope you will update it to work with the new version of Firefox. It's fab!

  • i love the colors in this one but I have the updated version of FF now and it doesn't work anymore please update it for the newer version thanx a bunch!!!

  • hope you update this soon...love it!

  • I loved this theme and I can't find anything that is a decent replacement for all the lovely pink. I hope there will be an update for Firefox 3 soon. I need my pink browser back.

  • I still miss my favouritest FF theme...