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  • After installing seem to be able to view 'most' PB images that I previously could not. Maybe the remaining missing images were taken off the PB sight. Great work to the team behind this extension. Hope you're able to maintain it. Means a lot to a lot of people obviously. Hope the exec at PB who's responsible for this s**t gets their karma.
  • Don't work. Too bad Photobucket beat this one.
  • Compared to the AddOn "Photobucket Embedded Image Fix" for Chrome, this supposed port doesn't work.
  • didn't work
  • lol
  • Doesn't work...
  • This used to work, however it does not anymore. I would suspect that Photobucket has modified their code to stop this fix, which is quite unfortunate. I would hope that there's a way to update this to bypass their ridiculous paywall, but this would require pretty diligent updates to keep ahead of PB's patching.
  • doesn't work
  • This has served excellently well up until now, but unfortunately no longer works. I hope there will be an update soon.
  • This extension worked great when I first downloaded it on 10/7/17, however it seems to no longer work.
  • I still see the guage where the image should be...

  • Working just fine. Thank you!
  • Ridiculously easy, and it works!