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  • I liked it very much. But now it is impossible to connect with my favorites, tried for hours to log in with my existing Firefox account, but Firefox always gives me notice that I am already logged in but somehow it just does not work with personas any more.
  • good
  • Eh. It works. I just wanted to set a custom image as a theme without publishing it and it did that.
  • Funktioniert
  • What happened to the Personas Plus? I used to be able to access a huge list of possible skins, from which I could "try" several before actually choosing one. Now I get a few "featured" options, and I have to actually install them to see them. I don't like this so much any more. :( Wow. You had a good thing going, and now ... what? This used to be my favorite browser.Now I'm thinking of switching to Google Chrome.
  • fantastic
  • It's a great addon, I've been using it on FF and TB since first version but please bring back the Personas toolbar button on TB. It was the easiest way to add new themes. :(
  • Really nice simple to use.
    But a big downside for me is that it doesn't work with multiple windows.
  • What I really like to do is change the appearance of my browser with the seasons. There's so much great art to do these customizations. I wish I could do this with Thunderbird as well. Also, bring back the bottom add-on bar. I always ran my weather and Personas Plus with the little fox guy from the add-on bar, and it made it so much easier to operate. Thank you!
  • Consegue dar um toque de exclusividade
  • it has great pictures
  • Android版Firefox(SHL25、Androidver5.0.2)で使っていますが、自分でヘッダー画像を指定するカスタム機能が上手く機能していません。ページ自体は存在するようですが…
  • j'aime cela car ça personnalise l'écran et offre de nombreuses possibilités de changer selon l'humeur !
  • La dernière version est pourrie! Je n'ai plus accès à rien.