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  • Works perfectly!
  • thx for making this cool adds on
  • создает скриншот эрана и сохраняет его в pdf. Конечно, по содержимому в компе не отыщите.
  • It's not that great. It constantly distorts the webpages once converted to PDF. Other extensions I've tried work much better. I'm used to Opera where the option to convert a page to pdf was built right in. Other extensions such as "Print to PDF" work as well as that one did, but not this one.
  • The 2019 Aug update broke the program and the developers website went offline. I posted a 1 star earlier today because of it.
    As of now 8/22, (8 pm) everything works with an even quicker response than before, so 5 star.
    Great product that the developer is working hard to make even better. Get the paid version. Support the product. It's worth it
  • It is very Slow however it saves everything, then it needs to open, and then you decide save or not, I am trialing it
  • Does not print documents (in free version)! Ridiculously!!
  • BOM
  • doesn't work for me it says "Error reading current page: chrome.browserAction.setBadgeBackgroundColor is not a function" on Firefox for Android
  • Работает, но сохраняет немного не так, как на сайте.
  • It is good, but not really works well.
  • Developer fails to mention that all PDFs are created with a password required to edit - it's not on the Firefox page, it's not on their website, it's not mentioned in the add-on. This is utterly misleading, and is an obvious attempt to try and hook you into paying a fee to unlock them before you realize you have no choice to but pay to edit all the documents you just created. So not cool. Too bad, because if they had, I wouldn't feel upset and probably would have paid a fee if I'd known this was required. Now I just feel jerked around. Bad practice, PDF Mage, just bad practice.
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