Have you ever been hacked? Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

Have you ever been hacked? Well, I have. Although it wasn’t a pleasant experience (I had to reinstall my Windows again…), it made me realize one thing: if I protected myself from the exploits beforehand, my 10+ GB worth of songs, movies, and documents could’ve been safe. I’d like to recommend NoScript to everyone who uses Firefox. It is safe, efficient, optimal, and so much more! Every updates it has, I see countless number of updated protections that they found (including website’s #1 fiend: XSS attack). I also love the interface of the app: complex to an extent for those who love to tweak things around. Personally, whenever I browse, the blocked-red-S shape reminds me how undeniably reassuring it is. NoScript, I would like to say that you are compilation of priceless codes – all for free.

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