Finally! Web Browsing Peace of Mind Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

Oh man! I truly appreciate this add-on! It gives peace of mind when browsing the internet, by allowing me greater control over content loading on webpages. And get this... it's not a redundant application of features already available, but a true enhancement to security for web browsing using Firefox.

I never knew how much content from so many different parties, was silently executing scripts on a single webpage. I never knew how many redirects or requests from this server or that, were being executed before a webpage finished loading in my browser. Sites like news sources for example, were some of the most prolific multiparty script generators on the web! I know the internet is about a network of computers working together, but do websites "xyzsocialmediasite", "abcstatisticalsurveysite" or "123organicgreenenergysite", need to be involved in my morning news browse too? With NoScript, I can selectively make them the uninvited guest.

Firefox has become my default web browser because it is now the fastest, most secure, most trusted webpage delivery of all the browsers I HAD`(I recovered the precious space being wasted by three other browsers) Thanks Giorgio and Mozilla. I support you.

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