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  • Good job
  • Ultra high velocity VPN. 100% recommended.
  • not very good
  • One of the best VPN and i love how to use it.
    Respect for the creators!!
  • I suggest you avoid NordVPN since it has serious security issues. By default it does not block network traffic when the connection to their server is dropped which leads to leak of your traffic. It can be turned on but the issue is that it is not default. Also in default, it does not change your DNS servers, which has the similar issue as above. Thus in default settings, it is as insecure as if you were not using any VPN at all (since you cannot forsee the connection drops to their servers). Second, even if you change the settings, there is no guarantee that this will stay so, updates or you yourself can delete the configuration without realizing what you have done and then go on browsing thinking that your security is tight but it is not. Any security product that is provided with such lax default configuration is a bad product. Lastly, they could not explain the protocol difference or how to determine what protocol is used when connecting to their servers as opposed to other solutions which also provide network traffic blocking and dns by default.
    To update based on the request from the developper. Your customer support effectively said that you do not care what the default settings are since users can change it, again, this is the problem in itself. And again, you claim a secure privacy oriented product, this has to reflect also in its default settings. Without kill switch on, any vpn for security and privacy purposes is almost completely useless, the same goes for DNS.
    Hello. As we may see, you've most likely contacted our customers' support team already. Hence, we'd ask you to update your review with the Ticket ID that you have received, for us to check how was your inquiry handled and provide you with detailed answers to any of your questions. If you have not reached our team, however, please do so at support.nordvpn.com.
  • This addon is broken. It keeps asking my login credentials as soon as I open an address or refresh a tab. It shows being connected to a VPN-server, but it doesn't connect at all.
    Hello. We'd advise you on contacting our customers' support team, for them to check what could be causing the issue that you are currently experiencing and provide you with assistance on its resolve. You may reach our team out at support.nordvpn.com.
  • So much easier than switching the VPN on/off at a lower level and sometimes works even better than eg Network Manager under linux
  • Is there any new update? It keeps getting disconnected, really annoying. Please check what's wrong and make it stable and improve it. Windows desktop application is working fine for me, this proxy extension should be repaired/updated.
    Hello. The issue itself is related to the browser's update. Hence, we'd advise you on downgrading it to 66. version to see whether the issue persists afterward, while we are working on a fix. Apologies for any inconveniences.
  • Keeps disconnecting in private window since FF update 67.0. Reinstalled several times, had no effect. Other people report the same issue.
    Hello. Do try downgrading the Firefox browser itself to 66. to see whether the issue persists afterward. Apologies for any inconveniences.
  • Any chance that you will add a new functionality that will allow to add locations to the favourites?
    Hello. Some additional functionality on the servers selection is indeed in our roadmap. However, no ETA on a possible implementation just yet.
  • the extension crashes every time in private mode (ff 67.0)
    Hello. Do try downgrading the Firefox browser itself to 66. to see whether the issue persists afterward. Apologies for any inconveniences.
  • Diferente do programa que funciona perfeitamente, esta extensão é um fiasco infelizmente! Por muitas vezes voce é desconectado e fica pedindo pra logar novamente. Uma pena que seja tão ruim. Vamos aguardar futuros updates deste addon mas HOJE (dia 23/05/19) não recomendo o uso. É pedir para ter dores de cabeça pois fica caindo toda hora a conexão...
    Hello. We are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. However, in the meantime, we'd advise you on downgrading the Firefox's version to 66. to see whether the issue persists. Apologies for any inconveniences.