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  • It actually does its purpose well but even when night mode is not on, it causes glitches on websites. For example, it messes up youtube completely so you cant access the menu to reach subscriptions, trending page, etc.
  • You tube blue and white,freezing on youtube,when you changing tabs, white page blowing In your face waking everybody for 2-3 sec...but main problem youtube not compatible at all,not working ,no way to watch..
    And Yes Dark reader is better!
  • DARK READER IS BETTER - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/darkreader/
  • Best, best, best!
  • Very very bad with Videos
  • Has opposite effect on some websites
    for example: github is bright in night mode and dark in day mode.

    Besides that, I don't fancy the method of inverting colors
    especially as there are other addons on the site that achieve the same effect via modifying .css

    If you would split the RGB string and invert each piece seperately ( To preserve hue instead of messing it up ) And fix the issue with sites.
    This addon would be a must have. Cheers
  • ok
  • there is a problem with images and page layout, if you are using this addon
  • seems to invert all colors well
    I would have liked to configure which colors get inverted, for example, I don't want to invert black.
  • 很棒的夜间模式,存在一些色块 总体来说很不错!!!
  • Works great!
  • This is a GREAT plugin!
    I tried a lot of "dark" plugins, but they were all absolute shit! (except, by the way, also "Invert Colors")
    NIGHT MODE PRO is really cool !
    Thank you very much to the developer!
    It seemed to me that the developer is also a fan of LINUX as I am.
    Glad to greet you bro!
  • The best "dark mode" add-on I've tried so far.
  • good
  • Nice Addon but why i can't exclude Subpages every Time when I add a subpage like www.exampelpage.org/example to the whitelist the whole page www.examplepage.org is added
  • Dimmer Sliders add much needed functionality along with inversion. Others didn't have this edge.