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  • I felt sorry for my poor English.
    It is the best, it can set any time to switch any URL that I need exactly on any day.
    I use it every day.
    But in Windows 10, if the list has added too much URLS, then
    the scroll bar appears on the right hand side which blocks
    the "minute" of the time because I am using 24 hour mode.
    Since I cannot see the minutes, so I need to set it to am/pm mode,
    although I cannot see the am or pm because it was blocked,
    So I need to use mouse to click them to see whether they are am or pm if I want to
    check whether they are am or pm..

    (I have used "System Font Size Changer " to set the Windows 10 font size to
    around 8 to 9. I don't know whether the "System Font Size Changer" would or would not affect the
    font size of My Weekly Browsing.)
  • less is more , excellent !
  • a very useful Addon and it works well, thanks!
  • In Firefox 48 is disabled
    Hi vitalii201,
    It should not be disabled (I am using FF48 and it works OK for me). Please check that you have the latest version 0.9.8 - if you are still having problems, see my support page https://myweeklybrowsingschedule.wordpress.com/feedback/
  • i have used other methods to get web pages to open at specific times and days, but this is the only one that actually does it. and does it right. i can even group pages!

    has anybody tried seeting up a month schedule? i'm experimenting, by putting just a day of the month in the date box, but don't know whether this will work.
    Thanks for the review.

    There is some information here that may help you.
  • I just love this add-on. It makes my day so much easier as I need to visit certain websites on a daily basis.
    The only thing I'm missing is an audio notification as I sometimes forget to watch the toolbar.
    Still, a superb add.on - thanks!
    Thanks for your suggestion. I will add it to the requested new features "wishlist".
  • Best add-on! Please upgrade it with a row switch on/off column. If I want to disable a row (what I need later so I don't want to delete the full row!), I need to disable a lot of boxes!
    Thanks for your suggestion. I will add it to the requested new features "wishlist".
  • With all due respect, this lovely extension is my second favorite tab opener. When my Morning Coffee list got too long and slowed the browser, I had to go looking for a similar app. This one fits the bill admirably. It takes a little longer to open my sites and it takes a bit of doing to get it set up. But that's not a fault; this extension does a whole lot of things other than the way I use it. But for me, for now, it's very nice and highly recommended. Thank you, developer.
  • with many options - it's a little hard to get how to schedule something correctly, but it's worth it!
  • A nice idea and very useful. It works with no problems. Developer is really active, very helpful and fast responding (corrected a minor bug i mentioned in less than 10 days). Cheers Scot!
  • This is my favorite & most used add-on. I've used it for several years now. I enter contest daily, some of which allow daily entries. It is easy to set up, opens my wanted sight daily, & can be set to stop at the end of the period. It has always worked as said (almost). My only issue is I'm trying to get them to open in a specific order & haven't been successful yet, but I'm sure I can resolve it & it is not enough of an issue to dock a star.
  • Very nice when you want to visit a lot of websites every day . This add-on keeps the list of pages for you and loads the pages depending on what day of the week it is, or what time of the etc..
    And the author adds new features by request very quickly!
  • This is an excellent, elegant add-on that works flawlessly with iMacros. So glad I found it.
  • Apre automaticamente i vostri siti web selezionati in determinati giorni della settimana, le date specifiche del mese o dell'anno e in momenti specifici.
  • It does do exactly what it says it does, but to make it even more valuable for my purposes, I need it to be able to store my login information for the web sites I am visiting (otherwise I can't get into the member content) and I also need to schedule a closing of that tab/web site, as well. Lastly, the ability to randomize the time to open (e.g. I want to open a given web site at 9am, every day, but want to do it +/- 15 minutes (and have that be variable every day, so some days it might open the tab at 9am, the next day 8:47am, the next day 9:08am, etc.) Thank you for listening! JG
    Hi TheRefillMan,

    To do those sorts of things you need something like the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox.

  • Re my review just posted, the comments regarding the URL load order apply to my PC running Windows XP with FF 12.0 (latest version). It is NOT a problem on my Mac which is running a slightly older version of FF. On this setup My Weekly Browsing follows the displayed order when loading Tabs. If I move a list entry up or down in MWB's list the load order follows suit. If this is a Windows or FF issue let's hope it can be fixed as I have to use Windows as well as my Mac! (but no more than I need to)
    Hi Will,

    I have replied to your question on the support site.
  • If i have a new machine "B" with "My Weekly Browsing History" addon installed, Old machine "A" schedules synched through XMarks are NOT shown in new machine schedules. It is shown as blank only. Pls have the functionality of synching which reflects finally in "Schedules" window. Schedule window should look the same in all the machines after XMark Synch
    Hi Whichy,

    I have replied to your question on the support site.

    Please do not post support questions here - Thankyou.
  • Great little utility for Firefox. I must say that I find it incredibly useful and with the new features that allow scheduling not just on a weekly basis but on a regular monthly/yearly schedule it does more than it says in the tin. The new scheduling feature is going to be really useful for me so that I don't forget to pay credit card bills on a certain day of the month.
    Thanks Vazzer,

    I guess it should really be called My Browsing Schedule now.
  • I can't believe more people aren't using this addon! I added it over a year ago and find it indispensable.
    Thanks for adding the YY/DD/MM...Fix-Clicking on a day column sorts the day previous.
    ?Can I force the tabs for a particular day to open in a particular order in my browser? Maybe I could number the bookmark description (ie -1 netflix, 2 Ebert, 3 Marketimer, etc) and open them by description sort.
    Thanks, Frank
    Thanks Frank,
    I will fix that day sort bug in the next version.
    The sorting is just for display purposes, it does not have any impact on the order in which tabs open - tabs will generally open in their original unsorted order. You could try creating groups of tabs and then open them sequentially.
  • Very good work, it's exactly wat i was waiting for ...Just one remark, i'am using this add-on
    to open some streaming radio. is there some way to close the last tab used before opening the new one ?

    Thnx for your answer.
    Sorry, but no there is not.
  • though I am trying to enable the scheduler button it is automatically disables after I close the options window. I think this is a bug in Firefox v4. The other thing I noticed it is automatically adding the current webpage to the scheduler by default rather than allowing me to select the schedulers only which i want. In addition to this could please set the date option so that it will be convenient to open certain webpages for example to make online payments.
    Hi lapdipankar,

    If you are having problems with the button Icon, then try adding it manually through Firefox >> Options >> Toolbar Layout and drag it on to the Toolbar. Also check the Add-on Bar through Firefox >> Options >> Add-on Bar.
    The current webpage is only added to the scheduler if you use the right-click context menu, so start My Weekly Browsing through the button Icon or use the Menu Bar through Tools >> My Weekly Browsing ... instead of the right-click context menu.
    Sorry, but My Weekly Browsing Schedule only supports weekly events, so perhaps try a calendar reminder add-on for a date option.
  • in your next release can you provide a export of setting button so i can import them onto another machine instead of hand typing the urls all over again on another workstation.
    Also in the meantime where can i find the backup file on my c drive . what file do i have to copy and place on another machine to be able to get all the urls imported.
    Hi angel

    See the information on my support site: http://buildingfirefoxextension.blogspot.com/2009/09/support.html?showComment=1264653371573#c3880867538772439466

    My Weekly Browsing Schedule stores the data in a folder called "Chrome" in your Firefox Profile folder
    Your Firefox Profile folder can be found by following the instructions here: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Profiles
    You can easily find the files for My Weekly Browsing Schedule in the "Chrome" folder as they all end in "lks4472.txt"
    Install the My Weekly Browsing Schedule add-on on the other computer first
    Then just copy all the files that end in "lks4472.txt" from your computer across to the other computer's "Chrome" folder
  • make a join venture with the addon New Tab Groups.
    your addon is nice but i can do the same with MultirowBookmarksToolbar.

    I make one Folder for every day and insert the bookmarks. One Klick - opens all in new tabs.
  • Well needed add on, much better than morning coffee!!! Thanks for your hard work! :)
  • Works great and it's simple.