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Хорошее дополнение, но в последних версиях Firefox из-за Menu Editor пропадают значки контекстного меню (Main context menu) "Назад", "Вперёд", "Обновить", "Добавить страницу в закладки". Авторам обязательно нужно поправить этот баг (bug).

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What the previous commenter said, the fact it forces you to a domainlanding page and has crapware linked from it's about... wouldn't trust it with a 10ft pole

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Immediately after installation I was redirected to a malicious page trying to get my to by a virus scanner because my computer was not safe. Uhm, yeah totally not true. Don't even care if this works, I'm uninstalling it immediately and I'm going to use my REAL virus protection to make sure everything is ok.

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I suppose this addon works fine, but I did not find it very useful since there is no way to create folders?

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After installing this extension, I was instructed to open the options menu. I did this, and the tab which told me to do so instantly forwarded me to the "" website, which got blocked by another of my extensions and only displayed a blank page. Since I just suffered through removing this search engine hijacker from a relative's computer, I can categorically recommend that you stay away from this extension. To the developer, SHAME ON YOU! To Mozilla, you need to keep a better eye on the extensions you list.

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Really useful addon! However, it seems to have compatibility issues (it might be the other way round, though) with GoogleTM Translator addon. The latter disappears from the contextual menu when Menu Editor is installed. The only way I've found to restore it is disabling Menu Editor. Hope this can be fixed.

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Configured my FF menu, the way i use it. Simple and useful.

Can i Copy inside the editor? Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

Like can i copy the "close tab" button from the tab context menu and paste it in the main context menu as well?

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Useful add-on, could be a part of browser.
Thank you for making Free Software!

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This is would have been great if not for the two huge flaws with it. Firstly, the options dialog box is not resizeable and it is a huge pain having to scroll. Secondly, this add-on completely stops the "Copy Link Text" add-on from working.

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Дополнение отличное, но в версии 34.05 пропала панель в контекстном меню "Добавить в закладки,Обновить,Вперёд,Назад"

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Superb addon! Works like a charm. It keeps me getting rid of every crap menu items when I'm using Firefox. It is one of very few unique addons that keeps Firefox standing out from the other browsers.

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This add-on really helps me to take advantage of my touchpad mouse. But the command "Reload tab" is not working. I have to use "Reload all tabs" for now, how annoying! Is this a bug or sth. else?
Btw, the add-on is great to me. Thanks!

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Does what it says. Clean and intuitive UI. Wish it also allowed moving sub-menu items into regular menus - I would've moved some items under the "Toolbars" menu into the main "View" menu... Great add-on though.

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thank you for your comment LL25255252

you saved me a lot of headache dealing with the once great and now frustrating add-on that is menu editor.

installed menu wizard instead and i could not be happier

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Used to be a great addon for many years but now not compatible with Firefox 32 - Any change you make to the "main context-menu" settings will remove the very useful new FF32 icons from the right-click context menu (navigation icons, reload icon and bookmark icon).

I recommend you to install the new Menu Wizard addon. It is easier to customize the menus. You can even rename menu-items and create new sub-menus if you have many items in the menu.

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Excellent Add-On
I love it

Please add the ability to edit the App button (Firefox button) menu Assegnate 4 su 5 stelle

Please add the ability to edit the App button (Firefox button) menu appeared with the Classic Theme Restorer.