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Informativa sulla privacy

All copies of List-it periodically post diagnostics containing the version of List-It, the version of Firefox and platform (OS) to aid with version tracking and crash reports. There is no personally identifying information in these reports.

If the user chooses to use our free Note Synchronization service, two types of information will be sent to our servers: the notes that they create, and their usage logs, containing information pertaining to when you accessed, created, modified and deleted particular notes. These usage logs are used to recover old note revisions. Both types of information are transmitted in encrypted form.

We make sure that the server is kept reasonably secure. However, we wish to emphasize that USE OF THIS SERVICE IS AT THE USER'S OWN RISK. We are making the service available on a best-effort basis, and are not liable if notes are accidentally lost or compromised.

Notes that Float - A new feature which will soon be introduced to List-It makes use of the user's location and web pages they are view while accessing notes to later predict when notes will be relevant. For this to work, List-It saves two types of additional information: salted-hashed fingerprints of accessed web pages AND identities of physical locations visited by the user (identified by WiFi). Note that because these are one-way hashed with a salt kept securely in the client, only the client can identify when they're re-visitng a place or site they've visited in the past. It is impossible for the research team (or anyone) who has access to these logs to recover what pages or physical locations the user was at due to this one-way hash.

Notes for Science- If users volunteer for our user study (by agreeing to the terms presented to them), they give the research team permission to analyze the above collected data for note-taking research. The terms of the study are fully outlined in

Information removal/withdrawal - If at any time a user wishes you wish us to delete some/all traces of you from our servers they can email us at listit@csail dot mit dot edu.

Questions or comments? Email us at

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